Anna Ellen House

Anna Ellen HARRIS

Name: Anna Ellen HARRIS

Date of Birth: 14 August 1849

Birth Location: Wonnerup, Western Australia

Maiden Name: House

Also Known As: Ellen or Annie (Hannah)

Age at Burial: 61 years

Date of Death: 19 June 1911

Death Location: Capel, Western Australia

Date of Burial: 20 June 1911

Denomination: Anglican B

Row/Grave: Row 8 Grave #103

Grave Transcription:

In Loving Memory



Beloved wife of

Charles Harris

Who departed this life

19 June 1911

Aged 61 years


Died July 15 1929

Aged 74 Years

Thy will be done

Father: William House b- 1811 d – 1875

Mother: Martha Higgins b-1825 d – 1902

Grandparents (father): Robert House and Jane Parsons

Grandparents (mother):  William Higgins b- 1800 d- 1844 and Sarah Dredge b-1799 d-1876


William House b-10 March 1842 Twyford, Western Australia.  Died 7 April 1917, Claremont, Western Australia.  Married Martha Pickersgill 1872, she was the daughter of Joshua Pickersgill and Ann Baudin.

John House b- 17 August 1844, Perth, Western Australia.  Died 10 July 1898, Capel, Western Australia.

Edward House b- 13 July 1846, Perth, Western Australia.  Died 18 June 1877, Bunbury, Western Australia.  Married Eliza Dilley in 1869, she was the daughter of William Dilley and Ellen Boyte.

Charles House b – 9 July 1848, Wonnerup, Western Australia. Died 1 June 1929, Claremont, Western Australia.  Married Gertrude Mary Wright in 1872, she was the daughter of Thomas Twigg Wright and Maria Dawson.

Thomas House b – 9 June 1851, Wonnerup, Western Australia.  Died 22 July 1917, Capel, Western Australia.  Married Susan Rutherford in 1879, she was the daughter of John Watson Rutherford and Elizabeth Burton.

Henry Thomas House b – 15 May 1854, Wonnerup, Western Australia.  Died 9 October 1933, Bunbury, Western Australia.  Married Lucy Ann Thomas in 1881, she was the daughter of James Jeremiah Thomas and Margaret Hayes.

Susannah (Susan) House b – 22 February 1853, possibly Wonnerup, Western Australia.  Died 28 January 1929, Perth, Western Australia.  Married Lewis Calder in 1873, son of Alexander Calder and Elspeth Lawson.

Frederick House (known as Blind Freddy) b- 26 May 1856, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 21 February 1941, Capel, Western Australia.

Sarah House b- 1 May 1858, Coolingup (Capel), Western Australia.  Died 24 May 1930, Bunbury, Western Australia.  First Marriage to Charles Frederick Scott in 1877, son of Frederick William Scott and Mary Ann Dawson. Second Marriage to Thomas McTaggart in 1914, he was born in 1856, Ballarat, Victoria.  Died 24 May 1931, Capel, Western Australia

Richard House b- 1860, Capel Western Australia.  Died 6 August 1939, Capel, Western Australia. Married Elisabeth Emily Brock, daughter of John Brock and Mary Ann Aitkin. No children

Martha House b- 1862, Capel, Western Australia. Died 1866, Capel, Western Australia

Albert House b- 14 August 1864, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 11 February 1939, Bunbury Western Australia.  Married Anna Maria Scott in 1885, she was the daughter of Frederick William Scott and Mary Ann Dawson

Mark House b- 1 May 1867, Capel, Western Australia. Died 17 May 1867, Capel, Western Australia. Aged 17 days


# Relationship with Frederick Hawkins – resulting in daughter born Mary Hawkins in 1866

First Marriage to John Charles Delaporte on 30 Sept 1869.  John was born 1843 and died 1876 the son of John Delaporte and Emma Penfold

Second Marriage to Charles Thomas Harris in 1878.  Charles was born 1855 and died 1928 the son of Ebenezer Harris and Catherine Scanlon.


First child born out of wedlock to Frederick Hawkins (Mary) in 1866 – no more known about child.  Frederick married Mary Zipporah Perren at Australind in 1870.

First Marriage: John Delaporte

William John Charles Delaporte b- 1870, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 1941, Capel, Western Australia.  Married Lucy Hurst in 1898 the daughter of Basil Hurst and Maria Gardiner.

Alice Eliza Delaporte b- 1872 Minninup, Western Australia.  Died 18 April 1948, Western Australia.  Married Daniel Laurence Sinclair in 1892 the son of John Sinclair and Julia Ringwood.

Hannah Sarah Delaporte b- 1874 Minninup, Western Australia.   Died 30 April 1947, Dunsborough, Western Australia.  Married George Benjamin Harris in 1896 the son of Ebenezer Harris and Catherine Scanlon.

Henry Thomas Delaporte b- 1876, Vasse, Western Australia.  Died 24 December 1936, Capel, Western Australia.  Married Emily Ada Harwood in 1899, the daughter of John Harwood and Mary Elizabeth Scott.

Second Marriage: Charles Harris

Frederick Charles Harris.  Born 1879, Yokanup, Western Australia.  Died 18 January 1955, Capel Western Australia.  Married Maud Jane House daughter of William House and Martha Pickersgill

Edward Harris.  Born 1881, Yokanup, Western Australia.  Died 2 June, Wellington District, Western Australia.  Married Ellen Curley Winwood. Daughter of John Winwood and Ellen Curley

Albert Thomas Harris.  Born 1882, Yokanup, Western Australia.  Died 1885

Bertha Capel Harris.  Born 1884, Happy Valley, Western Australia.  Died 5 April 1909.

Amelia Sarah Harris (Sarah).  Born 1887, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 18 June 1968, Yarloop, Western Australia.  First Marriage to Martin Peter Elvis.   Second Marriage to Leslie Gillard.

Martha Harris.  Born 9 October 1889, Martinup, Western Australia.  Died 27 April 1970, Capel, Western Australia.  Married Frederick David Williams, son of Thomas Williams and Elena Dilley

Charles Thomas Harris.  Born 9 March 1892.  Died 17 August 1970, Perth Western Australia.  Married Lavinia Jane (Dolly) Scott, daughter of William Proctor Scott and Lavinia Susannah Higgins

Occupation: Housewife

Military Service: No

Their Story

Ellen’s father William House arrived aboard the ship “Caroline” to the Swan River Colony along with his brother James on the 12 October 1829.  The two brothers were 19 years old and possibly twins (not proven). At their arrival and were indentured servants to Colonel Lautour and placed in the service of Samuel Neil Talbot of West Tarring Sussex.  In May 1930 Lautour went bankrupt and the settlement was not doing well, they were deserted by their boss Samuel Talbot who released them from service and headed off to Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) in late 1930.  Both House brothers were left penniless.  They found odd jobs around the Swan River Settlement but employers who could pay cash were hard to find.  They moved down to the Port Leschenault area where they worked as sandalwood and timber cutters and hauled timber to the port.  William continued in the timber industry until 1848 then moved down to the Vasse area and commenced farming.

Ellen’s mother Martha Higgins arrived on the ship “Britannia” on the 6 May 1830 with her parents William and Sarah Higgins.  They were sent by Colonel Lautour to work on his establishment at Leschenault. William had Perth Lots F14 and H17, but while working at Leschenault for Lautour he found himself without a job when Lautour went bust.  He and Sarah opened the Leyson Arms Tavern at Bull Creek. But due to aboriginals burning it down in 1835 they moved to the Capel/Preston River area and took up land.  William drowned in the Preston River in 1844 and Sarah and her children continued to develop the farm with the help of Ticket of Leave men.

At the age of 16 Martha Higgins married William House on the 4 January 1841, he was 30 years old at the time.  It must have come as a great shock to her and her family to lose her father William Higgins just three years later in 1844 to drowning, she already had two young sons at this stage to her husband William. In 1847 the young family can be found in Vasse, employed as sandalwood carting.

In around 1857 William, Martha their nine children including Anna Ellen arrived in Capel and settled on Lot 38 (45acs) on the banks of the Capel River, next door to George Robert Payne’s Senior’s Flour Mill.  In 1858 William purchased the adjoining Lot 84 (32 acs).  William House and George Payne were both used to working with timber. Following some clearing William built the family house and along the riverbank, they planted various fruit trees, including a mulberry tree and grape vines, grew wheat, ran pigs and grazed dairy cattle.  Martha made butter to sell in Bunbury.

When their son young Freddy was about eight years old (1863-1864) while walking home from school with his brothers and sisters he complained about having sore eyes – a neighbour recommended to Martha that she bathe his eyes in blue-stone water (copper sulphate).  The remedy seared the soft tissue and made him blind.  He eventually recovered and cheerfully set about life without sight.

Life was never easy for the House family and there always seemed to be too many mouths to feed.  Every now and then William House sold off land to meet his debts. In 1863 he sold location 163 on the Capel River to George Robert Payne, who gave the land to his son George Robert Payne jnr, this sale may have solved the problem of the wandering pigs who a few years ago had escaped due to lack of fencing and destroyed George Payne’s best wheat field. The relations between the two families had soured for many years after this event, even impacting on the children education as the school was located at the Mill. (Payne’s Mill School)

According to BDM WA there is a register #9633 of a child being born in 1866 in Capel, the mother is listed as Hannah Helen House and Father is Frederick Hawkins.  The child was named Mary Hawkins.  Anna Ellen would have been 16-17yrs old at the time of the birth and Frederick was 32 years and unmarried.  It is not known what became of Mary #.  Frederick Hawkins was George Robert Payne’s Jnr’s half-brother and as George and the House family were next door neighbours, this may be how Frederick and Ellen (Hannah) knew each other. Frederick later married in 1870 to Mary Zipporah Perren in Australind in 1870.

# There is a death recorded of a Mary House buried at the Old Bunbury Roman Catholic Cemetery on 20 June 1877 she is listed as being 10 years old.  Ellen Houses’s brother Edward House died on the 18 June 1877 and is buried there also.#  This may be what happened to Mary Hawkins as Ellen’s younger sister Martha Mary House had died in 1866, perhaps Mary Hawkins joined the House family and became Mary House, there is no registered death on BDM WA, only information taken from a commemorative booklet issued 1994, listing the earliest known burials in the RC Cemetery in Bunbury on which both Edward and Mary are mentioned.   BDM WA does show two records for Edward House’s death, it is possible that #9294 is Mary’s cert number.

With so many ageing siblings it wasn’t long before her brothers and sisters started to find marriage partners as did Anna Ellen at age 20 when she married John Charles Delaporte on 30 September 1869 at the Picton Church in Bunbury, the witnesses to the marriage where Edward Higgins and Sarah House.  John Delaporte was the son of John Delaporte and Emma Penfold and was born on 18 April 1843 in Bunbury.  His father John had died in 1854 and his mother had remarried to Samuel Rose in 1855.  Samuel and Emma licenced and ran the Rose Hotel on Victoria Street, Bunbury in 1865, where it still stands today.

Anna Ellen and John continued living in Capel and can be found living with John’s sister Alice Rose (nee Delaporte) after the death of her husband William Clifton Rose in 1874 at “Doungup”, where John assisted with the farm.

On 7th January 1875 Anna Ellen’s father William House died at his residence in Capel, he was 74 years.  Her mother Martha stayed on the family farm with her children Sarah, Albert 13yrs and blind Fred who knew more about running the place than any of them.  Richard  aged 15 years had been working as a teamster in Happy Valley, but returned home to help Fred run the farm.

Trove Article – 27 January 1875 – William House death reported- link

Anna Ellen and John had four children together, William born 1870, Alice born 1872, Hannah born 1874 and Henry born 1876 the same year as John Delaporte died at the young age of 33 years.

In 1877 more family tragedy struck when Anna Ellen’s brother Edward aged 31 years was killed in an accident on the 18 June at the Ballarat Mill in Wonnerup. He was buried in RC Cemetery in Bunbury. His story was told in the obituary of his son Thomas Pearce House.

Trove Article – Thomas Pearce House – link

What a shock to lose her husband at such a young age though Anna Ellen had no choice with four young children to care for.  She continued on and in 1878 she married once again to Charles Thomas Harris in Bunbury.

Charles Harris was the son of Ebenezer Harris and Catherine Scanlon from Quindalup near Busselton.  He took his new wife with him to the timber region south of Capel called Yokanup where they started a family with Frederick born in 1879.  Charles worked in the dangerous timber industry at the time, and it must have played on the minds of the spouses in the timber camps, as to the safety of their loved ones.

In 1885 George Payne senior placed the Mill for sale.  This would have a subject for much discussion at the House Family table and in the Capel Community.

Trove Article – Sale of Capel Mill – link

In 1887 AnnaEllen and Charles moved to Capel to live, and continued to have more children together.  They started farming and lived closer to Anna Ellen’s large family. In total they had seven children together, Frederick born 1879, Edward born 1881, Albert born 1882, Bertha born 1884, Amelia born 1887, Martha 1889, and Charles, 1892. Anna Ellen had a two-month-old when her daughter Alice from her first marriage to John, decided to marry in May 1892.

In May 1892 Alice Eliza Delaporte, Anna Ellen’s second child from her first marriage, married Daniel Laurence Sinclair in Bunbury. This couple had three children together.

Dorothy Ringwood Sinclair born 1893 – died 20 Oct 1980 Nedlands, Perth, WA

Laurence Ringwood Roy Sinclair born 1895 – died 29 July 1916, Poziers, Somme, Picardie, France.

Ella Rose Ringwood Sinclair born 1897 – died 1980, Perth, WA. Married William Edward McKenna

Alice and Daniel lived in Bunbury on Symmons Street.  On the electoral roles Daniel is employed as a clerk and Alice a house wife.  Their only son Laurence died in 1916 in WW1 in France.  Alice died 18 April 1948 aged 75 years in Bunbury, Daniel died 26 June 1944. They had 5 grandchildren.

Trove Article – Delaporte + Sinclair Wedding 1892 – link

In August 1896 Hannah Sarah Delaporte, Anna Ellen’s third child from her first marriage, married George Benjamin Harris, who was also Ellen’s second husband’s brother. By all accounts Hannah and George had a very happy marriage together at “Rose Cottage” in Quindalup. They had nine children together.

Leslie George Harris born 1897, died 7 Feb 1899, Quindalup, WA

Lestor Roy Harris born 1899, died Feb 1917, Busselton, WA

Mary Cecelia Harris born 1900, 2 Aug 1906, Quindalup, WA

Kathleen Gladys Harris born 8 Feb 1902, died Mandurah, WA 2001.  Married Charles Noel Barker.

Martha Junita Winifred Harris born 1903, died 18 March 1983, Yokine, WA.  Married Everard Richard Hungerford.

Ebenezer Charles Harris born 23 Dec 1905, died 25 Aug 1992, Quindalup, WA.  Married Thelma Ethel Robinson.

Kenneth Wesley Harris born 8 May 1908, died 20 May 1987, Quindalup, WA.  Married Gladys May Thomas.

Ellen Bertha Harris born 24 Aug 1910, died 27 July 1994 Bunbury WA.  Married Edward James Waylen.

Blanche Veronica Harris born 14 Jan 1912, died 26 Nov 2002 Perth WA.  Married William Charles Thompson.

This family saw their share of tragedy.  Their first child Leslie died as an infant at Harwood’s Cottage, Mary died from a weak heart at aged 6 years, Lestor died in 1917, he was killed while working on the Busselton Railways.  George was an invalid to some degree from 1912 onwards and relied on his son Lestor to help on the farm before his tragic death. Hannah died 30 April 1947 and is buried at the Dunsborough Cemetery, George died 16 June 1960 and buried alongside his wife.

Trove Article – Delaporte + Harris Wedding 1896 – link

In 1898 William John Charles Delaporte, Anna Ellen’s first child married Lucy Hurst in Bunbury.  Lucy had been married previously to George Robert Payne and had five children.  After their marriage William and Lucy had four children together.

Frederick Delaporte born 7 April 1899 Coolingup (Capel) WA – died 1 Mar 1978.  Married Doris Contance Jarvis

Stanley Vernon Delaporte born 23 Aug 1901, Capel, WA – died 3 Jan 1966 Kirup, WA.  Married Annie Grace Landwehr.

Unnamed Delaporte born/died 1903

Doris Martha Delaporte born 19 Nov 1905, Capel, WA – died 9 April 1990 Busselton.  Married Maxwell Gordon Bentley.

William and Lucy Delaporte were farmers in the Capel district.  William died 17 Oct 1941 and Lucy died 24 October 1939, both are buried at the Capel Cemetery.

In 1899 Henry Thomas Delaporte the youngest of Anna Ellen’s children to her first marriage, married Emily Ada Harwood.  They had eleven children together.

Clarence Henry Delaporte born 1899, Capel, WA – died 4 May 1988, Perth WA. Married Edith Feris (Pedretti)

Eldred John Delaporte born 1903, Quindalup, WA – died 1980, Elgin, WA.  Married Clarice Sarah Allum (Tester)

Raymond William Delaporte born 18 Sept 1905, Quindalup, WA – died 16 Jan 1991 Capel, WA.  Married Winnifred Gladys Fennell

Edward Franklin Delaporte born 2 July 1907, Quindalup, WA – died 14 Aug 1988, Bassendean WA.  Married Clara Jean Harrison

Leslie Ernest Delaporte born 9 Aug 1910, Busselton, WA – died 27 July 1994, Perth, WA.  Married Nellie Evelyn Mary Graham.

Willie Leonard Delaporte born 23 July 1912, Quindalup, WA – died 11 Mar 1956, Wellington Mills, WA.

Harry Thomas Delaporte born 14 Aug 1914, Capel, WA -died 12 Sept 1944, South China Sea.  Married Myrtle May Harris (mentioned below) daughter of Edward Harris and Ellen Curley Winwood.  Harry and Myrtle were cousins.

Jean Mary Delaporte born 4 Aug 1917, WA – died 2001, WA.  Married George William Elson

Ruth Stella Delaporte born 1919, WA – died 22 May 2014 Capel WA.  Married Thomas Joseph Elson

Laura Ada Delaporte born 31 Oct 1920, Bunbury, WA – died 25 Oct 2006, Bunbury WA.  Married George Benjamin Springhall.

Eunice Maisie Delaporte born 20 July 1923. WA – died 23 May 2008, Bunbury WA.  Married John Espinos.

Henry and Ada farmed and lived in the Quindalup area before moving back to Capel. They lost one son Harry to WW1.  They were well known in the Capel district, and both passed away in hospital in Bunbury before being buried in the Capel Cemetery. Henry died 24 Dec 1936 and Emily died 29 Dec 1948.


Ellen’s mother Martha died in 1902.  Of the 9 sons and 2 daughters, blind Fred and his brother Richard inherited the old mixed farm on the north bank of Capel River.  With the help of various nephews and nieces they kept the farm running smoothly for many years.  Not long before Richard died, they moved to a tiny wooden shanty on the edge of the old road into Capel.  Fred died there at the age of 85.

Trove Article – Martha House death – link

Charles and Anna’s Children:

Their eldest son Frederick Harris married Maud Jane House at Jarrahdale in 1899.  Maud was born in 1878 at Capel and is the daughter of William House 1842-1917 and Martha Pickersgill 1854 –1883, and the Granddaughter of William House and Martha Higgins.

Maud’s Father, William House born 1842 was the son of William House and Martha Higgins, so this means Maud and Frederick were first cousins, as both their parents Anna Ellen House and William House were brother and sister.

Frederick and Maud lived at Capel, Western Australia both can be found on the electoral role in 1903 living at Fernsdale, which is near Goodwood Road, and then on all other electoral roles they are located at Capel and listed as occupation Farmer.  In February 1929 -1931 Frederick had additional employment as a traffic inspector for Capel Road Board, though this position did not last long, because he didn’t like the fact that he was making bad friends and people were talking about him, so he resigned.

Fred and Maud had eight children together:

1)Gladys Maud Harris born 1901 Capel died 1901 Capel , 5months old

2)Edward Charles Harris born 16 Aug 1902, Bunbury WA died 12 June 1969, Western Australia.

Private Edward Charles Harris W30992, 19TH Garrison Battalion, W70572, 5th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps

Married in 1929 to Olive Mary Fennell born 1913 died 1996. The daughter of Charles Fennell and May Brockman.  Edward and Olive had 10 children.

3)Rex Frederick Harris born 25 Nov 1904. Bunbury WA died 22 Nov 1990, Busselton.

Private Rex Frederick Harris WX34410, 19TH Garrison Battalion

Married in 1927 in the Wellington District WA, to Laura Fennell born 10 May 1909 d -14 May 2002. The daughter of Charles Fennell and May Brockman.  Rex and Laura had 6 children.

4)Owen Harris born 1906 died 1980 Perth WA

Married Grace James on the 20 April 1929 they had one son.

5)Hilda Harris born 1907 died 1979, Bunbury WA

Married Anthony Joachim Busquets, they had one daughter.

6)Vera Harris born 3 Sept 1909 died 8 June 1977

Married Matthias Jolly Fisher born 3 Nov 1892 died 22 Dec 1970. Matthias was born in Northam in 1892 and the son of Stanley Fisher and Eliza Anne Walker. They had four children.

7)Percy Harris born 13 July 1914. Died 1 Dec 1990

Private: WX14846 10TH Armoured Regiment

Married Ruby Florence Barndon, they had one stillborn child born 1938.

8)Beatrice Winifred Harris. Born 1917 died 1979

Married Kimberly Joachim Busquets (known as Kim). Beatrice known as Betty married Kimberly Joachim Busquets in 1937, brother to Anthony Joachim Busquets who married Beatrice’s Sister Hilda. They lived and worked on a farm at Capel called Bernema Park; this was originally Kim’s father and stepmother’s farm. They had two children together. Beatrice died on 24 July 1979 and Kimberly (Kim) died 28 Oct 1995 both are buried in the Bunbury Cemetery.

Maud Harris died 9 July 1946 and is buried at Capel 7TH Day Adventist,  she was 70 years of age.  Frederick died 18 January 1955 and buried at Capel 7TH Day Adventist he was 74.

Edward Harris born 1881 was the second child and son of Charles Harris and Anna House.  He was born in Yokanup, Western Australia.

In 1903 Edward was working in Capel as a Labourer.

In 1909 he married Ellen Curley Winwood in the Wellington District, WA.  Ellen was known as Nellie and she was born in 1888 in Northam Western Australia, she is the daughter of John Winwood and Ellen Curley.

Edward and Ellen are on the electrol role in 1910 living in Boyanup and Edward is employed as a line repairer for the railways. Edward and Nellie can then be found living in Picton, Western Australia in 1914.  Edwards’s occupation, was a Fettler, a person who does repair or maintenance work on a railway, this is also the occupation of some of Nellie’s family members. In 1916 they can be found in Cookernup, Western Australia and once again his occupation was a Fettler. They were in Burracoppin in 1925,  Edward was a length runner for the Railways and same occupation in 1931 whilst living in Ballidu. In the 1943,1949 and 1954 electoral roles they can be found in Boyanup and Edward has an occupation as a repairer.

Edward and Ellen had 11 children together:

1)Roy Edward Harris born 18 Nov 1909, Wellington District, WA. (Possibly Boyanup) died 1980.

Private: WX14813, 2/11 Battalion

Married Ester Cunnold in 1931, she was born 3 June 1913 and the daughter of Oliver Albert Cunnold and Sarah Ann Withers.

2)Stillborn son, born and died 17 January 1911 at Picton buried on Picton Junction on Lot 154 by Alfred J Judd in witness of Edward Harris

3)Charles Henry Harris born 1914 Wellington District, died 27 May 1945 WW2.

Private: W7851 2/4TH  Machine Gun Battalion (memorial at Boyanup).

4)Myrtle May Harris born 1916, Wellington District, WA. (Possibly Cookernup).

Married Harry Delaporte born 14 Aug 1914, died 12 Sept 1944, South China Sea, during WII.  Son of Henry Thomas Delaporte and Emily Ada Harwood. Henry Thomas Delaporte was the son of John and Ellen Delaporte (nee House).  Myrtle and Harry were cousins.

Private: WX8011, 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion (prisoner of war)

Second Marriage to Alfred Shaw.

5)Alexander James Harris born 18 Jan 1919, Canning, WA died 11 Dec 2004

Private: W11319, 28 Australian Infantry Battalion.

6)Ellen Bertha Harris born 1921, Canning, WA.

Married Claude Knott – prisoner of war, Private WX7616  2/4 Machine Gun Battalion.  Claude was born on the 17 July 17 at Hitchen, Hereford in England and the son of Fred Ernest Lloyd Knott and Mabel Dithkey he arrived in Western Australia aboard the ship “Beltana” on 3 Oct 1928 aged 11 years and was one of the Fairbridge Farm boys and lived in Henry Hudson House.

7)Winifred Eileen Harris born 1923, Canning, WA.  Married Eric Resta.

8)Cecil Edward Harris born 10 Nov 1925, Wellington, WA died 12 March 1948.  Joined the Royal Australian Airforce during WW2, he was killed in a car accident on March 12, 1948, along with his friend Charles Bell. He is buried at the Boyanup Cemetery in grave 166 alongside his parents. Charles Bell is in grave 167 next to his mate.

Royal Australia Air force, Leading Aircraftsman: 84308

9)Linda Joyce Harris born 1928, Wellington, WA. Died 2014.  Married Frederick Charles King.

10)Ronald Eric Harris born 1930, Wellington, WA.  Married Clair lee (unknown).

11)James Leslie Harris born 1932. (Jim).  Married Leslie Beris Ireland


Edward died on the 2 June 1955 at the age of 74 he is buried in the Boyanup Cemetery in Grave 165 C of E.  Ellen Curley Harris died on the 16 July 1981 aged 93 years and is also buried in the same grave. Ellen lived an additional 26 years after Edward death.

They had four sons join the Australian war effort. Their second son Charles died as a prisoner of war in Borneo, and they also lost a son in law to the war.

Albert Thomas Harris born 1882 was the third child for Charles Harris and Anna House, he was born at Yokanup, Western Australia and died in 1885.

Bertha Capel Harris born 1884 was the fourth child for Charles Harris and Anna House. She was born in Happy Valley in Western Australia.  She died 5 April 1909.  She was 25 years of age.  She was buried on Saturday the 20 of March 1909 at the Church of England Cemetery in Bunbury. Which no longer exists and is now a memorial Pioneer Park.

It is not known what illness Bertha had, but she was ill for about four months and lived in Busselton before being conveyed to Bunbury Hospital prior to her death.  Her brother Frederick wrote in the Bunbury Herald Newspaper on Thursday 8 April 1909.


I desire to sincerely THANK those ladies who were so very kind to my sister while she was lying in the Bunbury Hospital during her last fatal illness, and especially Mrs Balston, whose kindness and sympathy helped greatly to sooth her last hours.  Also those who sent messages of sympathy and floral tokens in the hour of our bereavement.  F. C. Harris – Capel 5/4/09.

Amelia Sarah Harris born 1887 was the fifth child for Charles Harris and Anna House, she was born at Capel, Western Australia. Known as Sarah.

Amelia’s first marriage was to Martin Peter Elvis in 1905 at Capel, Western Australia.  Martin was born in 1878 at Barkstead, Victoria, he was the son on Peter Elvis and Elizabeth Young. Amelia was 18 at time of marriage and Martin was 27.

Together they may have initially lived in Hoffman Landing at the Hoffman Mill site, but by 1918 they lived in Capel with their three daughters, Marjorie Ellen Elvis born 1906, Rita Bertha Elvis born 1910 and Jean Florence Elvis born 19 November 1916.

Martin Peter Elvis died on 19 March 1918 at the age of 39 years and is buried in the Capel Cemetery.

Their daughter Jean Florence Elvis died a few years later and is buried with her father at the Capel Cemetery.

Amelia married a second time to Leslie Gillard in 1920.  Amelia was 33 years of age and Leslie was 27.  Leslie was born in 1893, in Melbourne Victoria, Australia and the son of Henry Edmonds Gillard and Matilda Ewen.  Together they had a daughter born 1923 and named Joan Gillard.  They also had another Daughter Betty Jacqueline born Oct 1930 who died at 19 days old.

West Australia Newspaper Wednesday 12 November 1930:

GILLARD – On November 11, 1930, Betty Jacqueline the dearly beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs Gillard of Yarloop, and fond sister of Marge, May, Joan, aged 19 days.

After they married Amelia and Leslie moved to Yarloop in Western Australia. In 1925 Leslie was employed as an engine driver but by 1931 he is listed as a storekeeper in Yarloop.  Amelia is listed as home duties. Leslie continued this occupation until his retirement.

MARJORIE ELLEN ELVIS born 23  July 1906 at Capel, Western Australia married Alexander George Murdoch on the 25 September 1926. Alexander was the son of Alexander Paul Murdoch and Margaret Bloomer and was born on 12 September 1904 in Fremantle. Marjorie and Alexander had five children together.

RITA BERTHA MAY ELVIS born 1910, (known as May) Western Australia married Albert Victor Archibald in Perth, Western Australia in 1932. They lived in Yarloop, Western Australia. Albert was the son of William Archibald and Eliza Maher.  Rita and Albert had three sons together.

JOAN LESLEY GILLARD born 1923, Western Australia married prior to 1949 to Leslie Arthur Higgins born 1918 son of Arthur John Higgins and Annie Lorna Grace Scarlett.  They lived in Yarloop, Western Australia during their early marriage and then moved to Perth in approx. 1958.  After Joan’s mother died her father came to live with her at 70 Normanby Road, Inglewood, Perth. Together they had four children.

Amelia died in 18 June 1968 at Yarloop, she was 81 years of age. She is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery in the Anglican section ZA 0498 along with her daughter Betty. Leslie died 12 December 1976 at Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia he was 83 years of age. His ashes are in the garden of remembrance section at Karrakatta Cemetery Wall EC Section 13,101

Martha Harris b- 9 October 1889. Sixth child of Charles Harris and Anna Ellen House. She was born at Martinup in Western Australia (approx. 16km from Capel)

Martha married Frederick David Williams on 12 June 1912 at the Church of England in Capel.  Frederick also known as Dave was born in 1887 at Capel, Western Australia he was the son of Thomas Williams and Helena Dilley, local to Capel, Western Australia


1)Gladys Bertha Williams, born 1913, Capel, WA, died 23 April 1924, Capel, WA.  Buried Capel Cemetery.

2)Linda Jesse Williams, born 23 Feb 1915, Capel, WA, died 28 Jan 1988, Capel, WA. Buried Capel Cemetery along with her husband.

Married Harold Leslie Griffiths born 22 Dec 1912 died 1987. They had one daughter.

Private Harold Griffiths W70532, 5TH  Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps

3)Colin George Williams, born 6 Mar 1917, Capel, WA, died 10 Oct 1992, Donnybrook, WA. Buried Capel Cemetery along with his wife.

Sergeant Army: WX39758, 5TH  Australian Infantry, TPS WKSP A E M E

Married (6 Sept 1941) to Dulcie May (Tim) Heatley born 17 Aug 1920 died 19 Jul 1992, they had five children.

4)Lorna May Williams, born 1919, Capel, WA, died 8 Sept 1999, Capel, WA. Buried Capel Cemetery along with her husband.

Married Vivian Roy (Jim) Harrison born 1913 died 22 Aug 1989.  Son of Emma Lily Harrison and Herbert Charles Williams.  They had 5 children.

5) Mavis Joyce Williams, born 1922, Capel, WA, died 2007, Bunbury, WA. Buried Bunbury Cemetery along with her husband.

Married Richard Okle born 4 Feb 1919 died 17 Dec 1981 they had four children.

Richard Okle – Royal Australian Navy (24260) Rand – Ord SMN

6)Clarice Dawn Williams, born 5 Feb 1929 died 19 Sept 2018, Bunbury.  Buried Capel Cemetery along with her husband.

Married (24 April 1948) to Brian Barnes Sanderson born 7 June 1924  died 11 Jan 2020, they had 4 children.

Brain Barnes Sanderson, Private Australian Army W83647, 1ST Battalion Volunteer Defence Corps


Martha and Frederick (David) lived in Capel, Western Australia, both being children from local families in Capel.  On the 1943,54,58 electoral roles they are located at Stirling Road in Capel, Frederick is listed as a Labourer as his occupation he worked for the roads department and then as a Farmer.  They lived their entire lives in the Capel area.

On the 23 April 1924 the lost the eldest Daughter Gladys who died from chicken pox or measles and is buried at the Capel Cemetery.

Frederick David Williams died on 15 March 1961 aged 74 years and was buried at the Capel Cemetery. Martha died on 27  April 1970 and is buried alongside her husband.

Charles Thomas Harris born 9th March 1892 at Capel and was the seventh and last child for Charles Harris and Anna Ellen House

Charles married Lavinia Jane (Dolly) Scott she was born 1892 at Minninup and the daughter of William Proctor Scott and Lavinia Susannah Higgins.  They were married on June 28,  1916, at the old Stratham School in Stratham, Western Australia

In the early years of their marriage, they can be found living in Capel. They then moved to Yarloop for several years and, eventually onto Perth.

Charles Harris died in Perth and is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery on 17 August 1970 and Lavinia spent some time in a Manning Hospital before she died on 7 June 1978.

They had four children together.

1)Douglas Percival Harris born 1917. died 2009 Married Thelma Eastcott b-1921 d-1988 and had two children.

2)Keith Charles Harris born 1920. Married Stella Hall and had 3 children.

3)Gladys Lavinia Harris born 1921 died 9 Dec 1979 Married Frank Shoosmith born 1908 died 18 Dec 1960 they had two sons.

4)Ross Augustus Harris born 1923 died 1979. Married Eileen Macalister, they had one daughter.



Anna Ellen Harris died on the 19 June 1911 after what is described in her death notice as a long and painful illness. She was 61 years of age and is buried at the Capel Cemetery. She passed before she could see her two youngest children married and before the start of WW1.  She was born into a fledgling colony and witnessed the townsite of Capel grow, from very basic beginnings to probably seeing a motor car – what a different world it was.  Ellen would have been a remarkable woman, two husbands and twelve children and now countless descendants.

Trove Article – Obituary 1911 link

Trove Article – death notice 1911 link

In 1925 Charles Harris sold his farm in Capel and moved back to Quindalup and lived with his brother Andrew until his death on 15  July 1929.  Charles was 74 years old, and he died at St John of God Hospital in Subiaco, Perth.  He was buried at Capel Cemetery with his wife.



Story compiled by researcher Petrina Prowse (member of the CDCP team and descendant of Anne Ellen House)

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