Sarah McTaggart Nee Scott formerly House

Sarah McTaggart

Name: Sarah McTaggart

Date of Birth: 1st May 1858

BDM WA Registration Number: 4228

Birth Location: Coolingup, (Capel)  Western Australia

Maiden Name: House

Age at Burial: 72 Years

Date of Death: 24 May 1930

BDM WA Registration Number: 6600063

Death Location: Bunbury, Western Australia

Date of Burial: 26 May 1930

Denomination: 7th Day Adventist

Row/Grave: Unknown Grave

Grave Transcription: N/A

Father: William House b- 1811 d – 1875

Mother: Martha Higgins b-1825 d – 1902

Grandparents (father): Robert House and Jane Parsons

Grandparents (mother):  William Higgins b- 1800 d- 1844 and Sarah Dredge b-1799 d-1876


William House b-10 March 1842 Twyford, Western Australia.  Died 7 April 1917, Claremont, Western Australia.  Married Martha Pickersgill 1872, she was the daughter of Joshua Pickersgill and Ann Baudin.

John House b- 17 August 1844, Perth, Western Australia.  Died 10 July 1898, Capel, Western Australia.

Edward House b- 13 July 1846, Perth, Western Australia.  Died 18 June 1877, Bunbury, Western Australia.  Married Eliza Dilley in 1869, she was the daughter of William Dilley and Ellen Boyte.

Charles House b – 9 July 1848, Wonnerup, Western Australia. Died 1 June 1929, Claremont, Western Australia.  Married Gertrude Mary Wright in 1872, she was the daughter of Thomas Twigg Wright and Maria Dawson.

Anna Ellen House b- 14 August 1849, Wonnerup, Western Australia.  Died 19 June 1911, Capel, Western Australia.  Relationship with Frederick Hawkins resulting birth of one daughter, First Marriage to John Charles Delaporte, Second Marriage to Charles Thomas Harris. (See Anna Ellen Harris story for more information)

Thomas House b – 9 June 1851, Wonnerup, Western Australia.  Died 22 July 1917, Capel, Western Australia.  Married Susan Rutherford in 1879, she was the daughter of John Watson Rutherford and Elizabeth Burton.

Henry Thomas House b – 15 May 1854, Wonnerup, Western Australia.  Died 9 October 1933, Bunbury, Western Australia.  Married Lucy Ann Thomas in 1881, she was the daughter of James Jeremiah Thomas and Margaret Hayes.

Susannah (Susan) House b – 22 February 1853, possibly Wonnerup, Western Australia.  Died 28 January 1929, Perth, Western Australia.  Married Lewis Calder in 1873, son of Alexander Calder and Elspeth Lawson.

Frederick House (known as Blind Freddy) b- 26 May 1856, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 21 February 1941, Capel, Western Australia.

Richard House b- 1860, Capel Western Australia.  Died 6 August 1939, Capel, Western Australia. Married Elisabeth Emily Brock, daughter of John Brock and Mary Ann Aitkin. No children

Martha House b- 1862, Capel, Western Australia. Died 1866, Capel, Western Australia

Albert House b- 14 August 1864, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 11 February 1939, Bunbury Western Australia.  Married Anna Maria Scott in 1885, she was the daughter of Frederick William Scott and Mary Ann Dawson

Mark House b- 1 May 1867, Capel, Western Australia. Died 17 May 1867, Capel, Western Australia. Aged 17 days

First Marriage in 1 Febraury 1877 (Spouse): Charles Frederick Scott


Edward Charles Scott, born 1879, Capel, Western Australia.

Blanche Capel Scott, born 1882, Capel, Western Australia.

May Martha Scott, born 1884, Capel, Western Australia

Frederick William Scott, born 1887, Capel, Western Australia

David Henry Scott, born 1890, Capel, Western Australia

Thomas Richard Scott, born 1892, Capel, Western Australia

Ernest Roy Scott, born 1895, Capel, Western Australia

Ellen Climena Scott, born 1897, Capel, Western Australia.

Second Marriage 1914 (Spouse): Thomas McTaggart


Military Service:

Their Story

Trove Newspaper – South Western Tribune – 29 May 1930 – Mrs S McTaggart Death Occured


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Unknown Grave
Sarah McTaggart Nee Scott Formerly House with Daughters -Blanche May Ellen

Sarah McTaggart formerly Scott nee House with her daughters Blanche, May and Ellen