Martha Williams

Martha Williams

Name: Martha Williams

Date of Birth: 9 October 1889

Birth Location: Martinup, Western Australia

Maiden Name: Martha Harris

Also Known As:

Age at Burial: 80 years

Date of Death: 27 April 1970

Death Location: Bunbury Regional Hospital, Bunbury, Western Australia

Date of Burial: 29 April 1970

Denomination: Anglican A

Row/Grave: Row 2 Grave #13

Grave Transcription:

In Loving Memory Of







Father: Charles Harris

Mother: Anna Ellen House

Grandparents (father):

Ebenezer Harris. Born 1833, England. Died 8 September 1914, Busselton, Western Australia (buried at Busselton Pioneer Cemetery – headstone in place).  Arrived at Western Australia in 1842 aboard the ship “Diadem”.

Catherine Scanlon.  Born 1932 Ireland.  Died 3 Jan 1917, Quindalup, Western Australia.  Arrived at Western Australia aboard the ship “Clare” in 1853

Grandparents (mother):

William House.  Born 1811 England.  Died 21 May 1885, Capel, Western Australia.  Arrived at Western Australia on 1829 aboard the ship “Caroline”.

Martha Higgins born 1825 Somerset, England.  Died 1902 Capel, Western Australia.  Arrived at Western Australia in 1830 aboard the ship “Britannia”.


Fred Charles Harris.  Born 1879, Yokanup, Western Australia.  Died 18 January 1955, Capel Western Australia.  Married Maud Jane House

Edward Harris.  Born 1881, Yokanup, Western Australia.  Died 2 June, Wellington District, Western Australia.  Married Ellen Curley Winwood.

Albert Thomas Harris.  Born 1882, Yokanup, Western Australia.  Died 1885

Bertha Capel Harris.  Born 1884, Happy Valley, Western Australia.  Died 5 April 1909.

Amelia Sarah Harris (Sarah).  Born 1887, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 18 June 1968, Yarloop, Western Australia.  First Marriage to Martin Peter Elvis.   Second Marriage to Leslie Gillard.

Charles Thomas Harris.  Born 9 March 1892.  Died 17 August 1970, Perth Western Australia.  Married Lavinia Jane (Dolly) Scott.

Step Siblings:  – Anna Ellen House (Martha’s Mother)  – first marriage was to John Charles Delaporte in 1869.  John was born in 1843 and died in 1876 and the son of John Delaporte and Emma Penfold, they had four children together:

William John Charles Delaporte.  Born 1870, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 1941, Wellington District, Western Australia. Married Lucy Hurst (Payne).

Alice Eliza Delaporte.  Born 1872 Minninup, Western Australia.  Died 18 April 1948, Wellington District, Western Australia.  Married Daniel Laurence Sinclair.

Hannah Sarah Delaporte.  Born 1874 Minninup, Western Australia.  Died 30 April 1947, Sussex District, Western Australia.  Married George Benjamin Harris.

Henry Thomas Delaporte.  Born 1876 Vasse, Western Australia.  Died 24 December 1936, Capel, Western Australia.  Married Emily Ada Harwood.

Spouse:  Frederick David Williams


Gladys Bertha Williams .  Born 1912, Capel.  Died 23 April 1924.  Buried Capel Cemetery

Linda Jesse Williams.  Born 23 February 1915, Capel.  Died 28 Jan 1988.  Buried Capel Cemetery.  Married Harold Leslie Griffiths.

Colin George Williams.  Born 6 March 1917, Capel.  Died 10 October 1992.  Buried Capel Cemetery.  Married Dulcie May Heatley

Lorna May Williams.  Born 1919, Capel.  Died 8 September 1999.  Buried Capel Cemetery.   Married Vivian Roy Harrison

Mavis Joyce Williams.  Born 1922, Capel.  Died 2007.  Buried Bunbury Cemetery.  Married Richard Okle

Clarice Dawn Williams Born 5 February 1929.  Died 19 September 2018.  Buried Capel Cemetery.  Married Brian Barnes Sanderson.

Occupation: Housewife

Military Service: N/A

Their Story

Martha was born in 1889 in Martinup, Western Australia.  She was the sixth child to Charles Harris and Ellen House.  As a young child the family moved to different Mill sites within the Southwest due to her father’s work until the family settled in Capel.  Martha grew up in a large family of brothers and sisters alongside additional step siblings as her mother’s first marriage was to John Charles Delaporte who died in 1876 and she then married Charles Harris in 1878.

Martha married Frederick David Williams in 1912 who was also a local gent from a local Capel family, his parents owned land alongside the Capel River near the bridge and supplied local produce to the local Dilley general store.

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Martha and David as he was known lived in Capel and built a new house on the site of an older home on Stirling Road where they raised their young family. She was very industrious, and they had a wonderful orchard, milked cows and made butter, and provided home-cooking for her family and children.  She loved to listen to the radio, and everyone had to be quiet when the daily radio dramas were playing.

Martha could not read or write and signed her name on her marriage certificate with an X.

Tragedy did strike when their oldest daughter Gladys died at the age of 12 from measles. She would travel to the grave at Capel Cemetery regularly to lay flowers. After her death Martha and David had another child Clarice in 1929.

She was involved in a car collision in 1934 as the below article shows.

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Her remaining children grew into adulthood and married and had children of their own.

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She passed away after having a stroke in 1970 aged 80 years.

Story Compiled by Petrina Prowse – Great Grandaughter

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Martha Williams
Martha Williams
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