Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams

Name: Thomas Williams

Date of Birth: 1837

Birth Location: England

Also Known As:

Age at Burial: 84 years

Date of Death: 19 February 1921

Death Location: Capel, Western Australia

Date of Burial: 21 February 1921

Denomination: Anglican “Section D”

Row/Grave: Row 4 Grave #36

Grave Transcription:




1837 – 1921



1850 – 1928

Father: William Williams


Grandparents (father):

Grandparents (mother):


Spouse: Elena Dilley.  Born 1851, Fremantle, Western Australia.  Died 4 November 1921, Capel, Western Australia.  Daughter of William Dilley and Ellen Boyte

Children: (12)

FIRST – Henry Williams.  Born 1868, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 22 October 1941, Capel Western Australia.  Buried Capel Cemetery

SECOND – Stephen Williams.  Born 6 October 1869, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 12 November 1946, Capel Western Australia.  Buried Capel Cemetery

Married – Ellen McPherson in 1891, they had seven children:  Amy Lucille Williams, Cyril George Williams, Roy Alexander Williams, Maude Ethel Williams, Doris Irene Williams, Stephen Williams, Winifred Williams.

THIRD- Thomas Williams.  Born 1871, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 20 December 1928, Victoria Park, Western Australia. Buried Karrakatta Cemetery – Ang ZA 0205

Married – Beatrice Margaret Barker in 1904, they had two children: Thomas Leonard Williams  1904 – 1952 and Thomas Williams born/died 1907 – buried Capel Cemetery

FOURTH – Walter Williams.  Born 1873, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 29 May 1931, Bruce Rock Shire, Western Australia.  Buried Karrakatta Cemetery – Ang UC 0325

FIFTH – Emma Williams.  Born 1876, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 29 August 1929, Capeldene, Westonia, Western Australia. Buried Westonia. Western Australia

Married – John Charles McCarlie in 1898, they had seven children: Coral McCarlie, Gladys McCarlie, Ivor McCarlie (Twin), Margorie McCarlie (Twin), Maxwell McCarlie, Gwen McCarlie, Maude McCarlie.

SIXTH – Eleanor Dilley Williams.  Born 1879, Capel Western Australia. Moved to Warrnambool, Victoria, Died 16 October 1960, Melbourne, Victoria Australia (known as Ellen)

Married – William Henry Atkinson in 1901, they had three children: Wilfred George Atkinson, Grace Camile Atkinson, Melva (Melba) Elena Atkinson

SEVENTH – Alice Eliza Williams.  Born 1880, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 1 July 1951, Perth, Western Australia. Buried Karrakatta Cemetery – Ang YC 0706

Married – Albert Johnathan Coverley in 1899, they five children together: Donald Coverley, Phyllis Pearl Coverley, Dulcie Coverley, Zoe Coverley, Melba Coverley

EIGHTH – Olive Grace Williams also known as Grace Evelyn Williams.  Born 1884, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 27 February 1958, Bunbury, Western Australia.  Buried Bunbury Cemetery.

Married – William Henry Richards in 1906.  They had six children together: Selma Richards, John (Jack) Richards, George Henry Richards, Grace Richards, William (Bill) Richards, Mavis Richards.

NINTH – Frederick David Williams.  Born 1887, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 15 March 1961, Capel, Western Australia.

Married – Martha Harris in 1912, they had six children together: Gladys Bertha Williams, Linda Jesse Williams, Colin George Williams, Lorna May Williams, Mavis Joyce Williams, Clarice Dawn Williams

TENTH – George Clarence Williams.  Born 1889 Capel, Western Australia.  Died 27 January 1972, Capel, Western Australia.

Married – Martha Isabella (Isobel) Turner in 1929.  They had one child: Daphne Florence Williams

ELEVENTH – Evaline Bertha Williams.  Born 1892, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 6 July 1974, Bunbury, Western Australia.

Married – Percy Clarence Payne in 1921, they had two children together: Neville Ross Payne, Audrey Jean Payne

TWELFTH – Herbert Allen Thomas Williams.  Born 1894, Capel, Western Australia.  Died 22 February 1959, Perth, Western Australia

Married Elizabeth Maud Ethel Hartnett in 1915, They had three children together: Beryl Marie Williams, Charles William Williams, Alwyn Howard Williams.     Herbert Williams also had a child with Emma Lily HarrisonVivian Ray Harrison.

Occupation: Farmer

Military Service: N/A

Their Story:

Their Story

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Thomas and Elena Williams Headstone
Thomas and Elena Williams