Lavinia Gardiner Clifton Rose - Roberts

Lavinia Gardiner Clifton Roberts

Name: Lavinia Gardiner Clifton Roberts

Date of Birth: 17 March 1890

Birth Location: Minninup Western Australia

Maiden Name: Rose

Also Known As: Quinnie or Quin

Age at Burial: 66 years

Date of Death: 22 June 1956

Death Location: Perth, Western Australia

Date of Burial: 25 June 1956

Denomination: Anglican

Row/Grave: Anglican B. Row 5. Grave # 66

Grave Transcription:

In loving memory of our father


of Doungup

Died 12th June 1953

and our mother

his beloved wife


Died 22nd June 1956

Beloved parents of

Nell, Bob, Pat, Jim & Peggy

Father: Samuel Clifton Rose 1863-1938

Mother: Susanna Maria Higgins 1860-1935

Grandparents (father):

William Clifton Rose 1842-1874

Mary-Ann Alice Delaporte 1848-1929

Grandparents (mother):

Henry William Higgins 1823-1880

Lavinia Susanna Gardiner 1837-1891


Coral Clifton Rose born 14 December 1887 Minninup Western Australia. Died 2 June 1950.

Minna Clifton Rose born 19 October 1888 Minninup Western Australia. Died 8 October 1890

Winifred Constance Clifton Rose born 11 April 1892 Minninup Western Australia. Died 20 May 1947 Capel Western Australia.

Robert William Clifton Rose born 23 August 1893 Minninup Western Australia. Died 31 March 1915 at sea en route to Gallipoli.

Charlie Clifton Rose born 12 August 1895 Minninup Western Australia. Died 6 January 1964 Perth Western Australia.

Samuel Clifton Rose born 7 July 1898 Stratham Western Australia. Died 2 June 1960 Claremont Western Australia.

Alan Clifton Rose born 10 October 1899 Stratham Western Australia. Died 11 February 1964 Ravensthorpe Western Australia.

John Lytton Clifton Rose born 6 June 1903 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 11 June 1964 Sussex District Western Australia.

Spouse: James Owen Roberts


Nelda Owen (Nellie) Roberts born 15 July 1913 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 19 January 1984 Perth, Western Australia.

Robert William Clifton (Bob) Roberts born 22 March 1916 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 10 September 1979 ‘Caehelan’ Noggerup, Western Australia

Patricia Mary Alwyn (Patty) Roberts born 16 March 1919 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 9 September 1978 Subiaco, Western Australia

James Owen (Jnr) Roberts born 17 August 1926 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 30 October 1928 St Clair’s Hospital Bunbury, Western Australia. Aged 2 years 2 months.

Peggy Roberts born 14 April 1928 Bunbury, Western Australia. Died 23 December 2009 Perth Western Australia

Occupation: Home Duties

Military Service:

Their Story

Lavinia Gardiner Clifton Rose was the third born and third daughter of nine children born to Samuel Clifton Rose and Susannah Maria Rose nee Higgins of Doungup, Minninup Western Australia. Her parents as her grandparents before, were early settlers of this area.

James Owen Roberts (JO) was a newcomer to the Stirling Estate, from Warrnambool, Victoria, arriving in the early 1900’s. He was no relation to the old Roberts family of the area. He, his father James and mother Sarah selected and bought 90 acres at the northern end of the Stirling estate and quickly established a home and dairy farm that they called ‘Caerhelm’. At around this time he came to know his neighbours at ‘Doungup’, Sam and Susannah Rose and their daughter Lavinia (Quin). In time a relationship developed between them both.

Quinnie and James Owen Roberts married at St John’s Anglican Church Capel on 21st December 1910 in what probably was a very hot day. James Snr and wife Sarah returned to Victoria and the property he and JO had established was amalgamated with the neighbouring property of Sam & Susannah Roses Doungup property.

Marriage newspaper article

Quin and JO had 5 children between 1913 and 1928. Sadly James Owen (Jnr) died at age 2 years 2 months from snake bite. A constant worry for all families living in the area due to the marshy and swampy terrain.

At the 21st birthday celebrations of son Bob, acknowledgements and toasts were made to his parents JO and Quin and that he followed their example of being an upright and honourable citizen. Quin was acknowledged specifically for her outstanding qualities as a hostess, like all members of the Rose family had been.

Bob Robert’s 21st birthday celebrations acknowledging his parents JO and Quin.

Quin outlived JO by 3 years, dying 22nd June 1956, in Perth Western Australia. She lived her last years with her daughter Nelda Owen Roberts in Roseberry Avenue, South Perth, Western Australia. She is buried alongside JO in the Capel Cemetery, Capel Western Australia.


Compiled by Jennifer Scott CDCP member. Quin is the sister of my great grandmother Coral Clifton Scott (nee Rose).


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Coral and Lavinia Rose

Lavinia and Coral Rose


Caerhelan Stirling Estate

James and Quin Roberts grave - Capel Cemetery