SCOTT Coral Clifton

Coral Clifton SCOTT


Date of Birth: 14 December 1887

Birth Location: Doungup. Minninup Western Australia

Maiden Name: Rose

Also Known As:

Age at Burial: 63 years

Date of Death: 2 June 1950

Death Location: ‘Quambi’ Elgin Western Australia

Date of Burial: 3 June 1950

Denomination: Anglican B

Row/Grave: Row 1 Grave #8

Grave Transcription:

In loving memory of Coral Clifton Scott.

Dearly loved wife of Cecil.

Loving mother of Cliff & Cecilie.

Died 2nd June 1950.

Aged 63 years.

Peacefully sleeping.

Father: Samuel Clifton Rose

Mother: Susanna Maria Higgins

Grandparents (father):

William Clifton Rose

Mary-Ann Alice Delaporte

Grandparents (mother):

Henry William Higgins

Lavinia Susanna Gardiner


Minna Clifton Rose, born 19 October 1888 Minninup Western Australia. Died 8 October 1890

Lavinia Gardiner Clifton Rose, born 17 March 1890 Minninup Western Australia. Died 22 June 1956 Perth Western Australia.

Winifred Constance Clifton Rose, born 11 April 1892 Minninup Western Australia. Died 20 May 1947 Capel Western Australia.

Robert William Clifton Rose, born 23 August 1893 Minninup Western Australia. Died 31 March 1915 at sea en route to Gallipoli.

Charlie Clifton Rose, born 12 August 1895 Minninup Western Australia. Died 6 January 1964 Perth Western Australia.

Samuel Clifton Rose, born 7 July 1898 Stratham Western Australia. Died 2 June 1960 Claremont Western Australia.

Alan Clifton Rose, born 10 October 1899 Stratham Western Australia. Died 11 February 1964 Ravensthorpe Western Australia.

John Lytton Clifton Rose, born 6 June 1903 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 11 June 1964 Sussex District Western Australia.

Spouse: Cecil Mervyn Scott


Clifton Montague Scott

Cecilie Rose Scott



Their Story

Coral Clifton Rose was born to Samuel Clifton and Susanna Maria Rose nee Higgins at ‘Doungup’, Minninup, Western Australia. She was the eldest of nine children. Her parents as her grandparents before, were early settlers of this area.

Coral together with her husband Cecil were original settlers of ‘Quambi’ Elgin where they dairy farmer. Although it was Coral in the early days that dairying interested. This farm being 600 acres in total joined her grandmother Mary Alice Rose’s farm to the north. Coral had been given 50 acres of this land as a wedding present from Grandmother Rose and this was then willed to her son Cliff and formed part of the 350 acres at ‘Quambi’ Elgin. This piece of land was coloquelly know as Nannie’s paddock by the family. 1n 1950 ‘Quambi’ was split into two farms, with 300 acres going to Cecilie to farm with her husband Hurtle Merritt.

Coral was the mother of Clifton Montague and Cecilie Rose.

Coral was a loving and an over generous proud woman who owned a Studebaker car with the number plate CP72, which is still in the family today. She was an organiser and respected woman of the Elgin district especially with the Red Cross.

Coral and Cecil were foundation committee members of the Elgin Hall. Coral initiated proceedings to have major extensions done to the Elgin Hall in the mid-thirties and along with others guaranteed money for the project.

A story from the memoirs (unpublished) of William Clifton Scott, her eldest grandson, mentions the purchasing of the first tractor and his grandmother objecting to this purchase and thinking everyone to be mad buying this big machine, an American built International A Farnall M. It was about 60hp crop row tractor with two wheels close together in the front and it ran on power kerosene.

Sadly in 1950, Coral was diagnosed with cancer and within a few months, she died aged 63.

The West Australian newspaper reported on Saturday 3 June 1950 of her death and subsequent funeral that day.

Trove Newspaper Link

It was a great shock to all the family and especially Cecil. Her sickness was swift and she requested that she die peacefully at ‘Quambi’ as her father Sam Rose had done in 1938.


Jennifer Scott. Great Grandaughter. Compiler of family stories and photos.

William Clifton Scott. Eldest Grandson. Unpublished memoirs.

Trove newspapers.

Capel Cemetery register.

Births Deaths Marriage WA register.

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