Arthur Algernon TURNER

Name: TURNER Arthur Algernon

Date of Birth: 8 September 1916

Birth Location: Capel, Western Australia.

Also Known As: Arthur

Age at Burial: 4 days

Date of Death: 12 September 1916

Death Location: Capel, Western Australia.

Date of Burial: 13 September 1916

Denomination: Anglican B

Row/Grave: Row 8 / Grave 104 (Grave of Mother – Fanny Turner)

Grave Transcription: Memorial Only.




1915 – 1916


8.9.1916 – 12.9.1916



Father: Frederick “Henry” Turner born: 10 November 1885, Lockeville, Western Australia. Died: 2 October 1947 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Married: 12 October 1911 Capel.

Mother: Fanny Shortland born: 29 March 1888, Greta, New South Wales. Died: 8 December 1962 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Grandfather (Father): James Turner born: 14 December 1842 Hertfordshire, England. Died: 6 June 1912 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Married: 1875 Busselton.

Grandmother (Father): Emma Dilley born: 1 September 1858 York, Western Australia. Died: 12 July 1936 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Grandfather (Mother): Charles George Shortland born: 11 June 1865. Died: 4 November 1924 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Grandmother (Mother): Jennet Burns born: 19 May 1869. Died: 27 May 1927 Buried Karrakatta Cemetery.


James Henry Turner “Jamsie” born: 1912 Died: 25 October 2005 Cremated Bunbury Cemetery. Married 1936 Lily Vickery.

Fanny Henrietta Turner “Ettie” born: 1913 Died: 10 October 2004 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1938 Hedley Fyfe Taylor.

Charles Frederick Turner “Charlie” born: 1915 Died: 8 November 2004 Cremated Karrakatta Cemetery. Married 1941 Edith Lillian Tucker.

Clarence William Turner “Clarrie” born: 1917 Died: 30 August 2006 Niche Wall Capel Cemetery. Married 1943 Grace Ramsay Murnane.

Marjorie Turner “Marj” born: 1919 Died: 1993 Buried Busselton Cemetery. Married 1942 Charles Allen Oates.

Edwin Keith Turner “Keith” born: 19 June 1921. Died: 29 September 1993 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1943 Beatrice May Chapman “Betty”.

Raymond George Turner “George” born: 14 April 1923 Died: 9 October 1987 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1949 Pauline May McKay.

Mavis Irene Turner born: 1927 Died: 7 February 2012 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1951 Colin John Forrest.

Brian Turner: Stillborn May 1930 Buried Capel Cemetery.


Their Story

Trove Article – Turner – Shortland Wedding

Trove Article – Birth Announcement.

This notice appeared in the West Australian Newspaper – Family Notices on Saturday 23rd September 1916.

TURNER – On September 8, to Mr. & Mrs. H. Turner, of Capel – a son.

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