Raymond George Turner

Raymond George TURNER

Name: Raymond George Turner

Date of Birth:  14 April 1923

Also known as: George

Birth Location: Bunbury, Western Australia

Age at Burial: 64

Date of Death: 9 October 1987

Death Location: Bunbury, Western Australia

Date of Burial: 13 October 1987

Denomination: Anglican C section

Row/Grave: Row 2 Grave #13

Grave Inscription:

Always loving Always loved


Raymond George      Pauline May

George                       (nee McKay)

14/4/1923 – 9/10/1987    8/2/1931 – 28/12/2011

Very loving and special parents


George, Raymond, Kerry, Julie and Families

A parent’s love is a gift to cherish

Etched in our hearts forever


Father: Frederick Henry Turner. Born 10 November 1885 Lockville, Western Australia. Died 2 October 1947 Capel, Western Australia.  Aged 62 years buried Capel Cemetery – Anglican B, Row 8 Grave #105

Mother: Fanny Shortland. Born 29 March 1888, Greta, New South Wales. Died 8 December 1962, Capel, Western Australia. Aged 74 years buried Capel Cemetery – Anglican B, Row 8, Grave #104


James Henry Turner (Jamsie). Born 1912 – Died 2005. Buried at Bunbury. Married Lily Vickery

Fanny Henrietta Turner (Ettie).  Born 1913 – Died 2004.  Buried at Capel Cemetery. Married Headley Fyfe Taylor

Charles Fredrick Turner (Charlie). Born 1915 – Died 2004. Buried at Forrestfield Perth. Married Edith Lilian Tucker

Arthur Algernon Turner. Born 12.9.1916 – Died 28.9.1916 – 4 days. Buried at Capel Cemetery – Anglican B section Row 8 Grave #104 (Memorial only)

Clarence William Turner (Clarrie). Born 1917 – Died 2006. Buried Niche wall -Rockingham. Married Grace Ramsey Murnane

Marjorie Turner (Marge).  Born 1919 – Died 2002. Buried at Busselton.  Married Charles Allen Oates

Edwin Keith Turner (Keith).  Born 1921 – Died 1993.  Buried at Capel Cemetery. Married Beatrice (Betty) May Shiel (Chapman).

Mavis Irene Turner.  Born 1927 – Died 2012.  Buried at Capel Cemetery.  Married Colin John Forrest

Brian Turner (Stillborn Born 1930) – Buried at Capel Cemetery – Anglican D Section Row 1 Grave #5

Spouse: Pauline May McKay.  Born 8 Feb 1931 in Geraldton, Western Australia.  Died 28 Dec 2011, Buried Capel Cemetery.  Daughter of Harold Keith McKay and Lily Cecilia Starling


George Fredrick Turner

Raymond Leslie Turner

Kerry Joy Turner

Julie Patricia Turner

Grand Father (father): James Henry Turner (14 December 1842-6 June 1912). Buried at Capel Cemetery

Grand Mother (father): Emma Dilley (1 Sept 1858 -12 July 1936). Buried at Capel Cemetery

Grandfather (mother): Charles George Shortland (11 June 1865 – 4 Nov 1924). Buried at Capel Cemetery

Grandmother (mother): Jennet Burns (19 May 1869 – 27 May 1927). Buried Perth Karrakatta Cemetery

Military Service: Army-Private WX34484 11 th Battalion

Their Story

Educated at the Capel Primary school and later attended the Narrogin Agricultural college. Played football and got the nickname of Quondong because of his hardness going for the ball. He met up with a young hockey player in Pauline McKay during these years and he became so head over heels about her that he took up umpiring hockey and later they married in 1949 at the Anglican Church in Capel.

In those days they had to make up their own fun with local dances and shows. One of those occasions he was in the Capel Hall and being the only male amongst a women’s entire hockey team all dressed up in Hoola Hoola skirts singing the song “I’m the only man on the island” for the entertainment for the night.

Turner + McKay Wedding – link

He signed up for duty during WW2 but had bad eyesight problems, so he only got to serve in the Home Army and was based around the Darwin and Katherine area in the Northern Territory.

National Archive Record Service – link

He had to wear Contact lens for many years and many visits to a specialist in Perth for treatment. He leased a small farm from the Turner family investments on Gavin’s Road in Capel where he milked a small dairy herd in a dairy that could only milk 8 at a time. We supplied cream for a start to the Capel Dairy Co in cream cans and later started to supply milk to Peters in Brunswick Junction. He also breed pigs for a number of years. He had an agistment arrangement with the Anglican Church to spell some of the herd or sometimes yearling calves on the land which was between the church where it stands today and the original shire hall which is where the Shire office now stands. He used to drive the cows into town along the road and over the Capel river bridge into the paddock. This was usually done very early in the morning. Power supply during the early farming was an investment of a 32 volt power system which was generated by the milking machine, Lister diesel engine with a battery power storage. When you started the engine you had to put a wooden peg on the Switch to join the connectors start the process to charge the batteries and take it off after the milking was completed.

Between milking’s he also worked at the Turner butcher shop and also in the slaughter house. Unfortunately the income from  both the farm and the job at the butcher shop was not sufficient enough to pay all the costs so he had find another job to keep things going and at times was carrying out two jobs to make ends meet which in the long run eventually caught up with him. He worked with the Capel Dairy Co for a number of years where he worked with the process of making Watsonia butter. This included making the packing boxes, packing the butter in bulk 54lb boxes and also the little 1 lb pats for local consumption as well as other duties in the factory. He later went to Westralian sands because it was better money, where he was involved in the mineral sands industry packing minerals. Unfortunately it soon became a problem for him because of his bad eyes and the wearing of Contact lens it became a problem with all the dust getting under the lens and irritating the eyes.

He was a committee member of the Capel Sports Council which ran an annual gymkhana which was run on the Capel oval.  They made a set of stock yards where the new pavilion now stands and from that they had calf riding for kids and a catch the greasy pig competition plus a small side show area.

During this time he took up bowls at the Capel club where he became very involved being the ground keeper as well as playing also. This was the area where the stage behind the shire office is now and the parking for the bus stop. They also had lights so they could play at night. His big achievement was to become the “Cock of The Walk” which was being the club champion. This allowed you to have a red rooster badge which you wear on your hat until you are beaten, then the next champion has the badge on his hat. He was quite proud of achieving that moment in his bowling career.

When it became apparent that they were not making ends meet they decided to go to Perth to live as he felt that there was greater opportunity for the children to grow up with greater employment prospects in the future. Our first place was in Bayswater and later he moved to Maylands and then moved back again to Bayswater and he did take up bowls again but it was not the same as his Capel club and so it didn’t last for very long.  During his time in Perth he got a labouring job with the Water Authority which he carried out until his early retirement due to illness.

He suffered a heart attack while he was in Capel looking after his son George’s shop in Capel while he was on a holiday in Queensland and unfortunately, he had a heart attack and passed away at the early age of 64 at the St John of God Hospital in Bunbury on the 9 October 1987.

He worked exceptionally long and hard hours to provide for his wife Pauline and family throughout his lifetime and always tried to achieve the best for them.

Additional Trove Newspaper Article – 28 March 1936 – Boy Injured


Story told by George Turner (son of Raymond George Turner)

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