Leslie Norman Merritt

Leslie Norman MERRITT


Date of Birth: 7 July 1913

Birth Location: Capel Western Australia

Also Known As: Norman

Age at Burial: 9 Years, 11 Months

Date of Death: 15 June 1923

Death Location: Capel Western Australia

Date of Burial: 16 June 1923

Denomination: Congregation

Row/Grave: Presbyterian/Congregation section, Row 3, Grave #25

Grave Transcription:


Loving Memory



Beloved son of


DIED 15th JUNE 1923


Father: William John Merritt

Mother: Ellen Power Moore

Grandparents (father): William Merritt and Mary Frances Brown (Coates)

Grandparents (mother): John Edward Moore and Sarah Power


Freda Mary Merritt born 29 September 1907 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 6 July 1970 Bunbury Western Australia

John William Merritt born 12 December 1909 Busselton Western Australia. Died 13 September 1970 Nyamup Western Australia

Vida Ellen Merritt born 27 October 1911 Capel Western Australia. Died 23 August 1992 Bunbury Western Australia

Alfred Winston Merritt born 20 May 1915 Capel Western Australia. Died 2 February 1997 Bunbury Western Australia

Hurtle Hubert Merritt born 4 May 1917 Capel Western Australia. Died 31 August 1955 Perth Western Australia

Edward Collin Merritt born 24 March 1919 Capel Western Australia. Died 17 August 1942 as a POW on board ‘Nino Brixo’

Kenneth Albert Merritt born 17 August 1920 Capel Western Australia. Died 11 April 2001 Murdoch Western Australia.

Dulcie May Merritt born 31 March 1922 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 15 January 1996 Bunbury Western Australia

Audrey Francis Merritt born 23 September 1923 Capel Western Australia. Died 25 June 2015 Victoria Australia




Military Service:

Their Story

Leslie known as Norman, was the fourth child born to William John Merritt and Ellen Power Moore. He was born with the assistance of a midwife at the family home at ‘Peach Grove’ Capel. His birth was registered in the Sussex district (Busselton) that year. Norman lived with his parents and three older siblings Freda, John and Vida. The family home was a small jarrah slab and corrugated hut that Will built with limited skills. Because Will was a keen bushman, he was able to source timber and added more rooms to this house as the family grew. Norman grew up in Capel, that was then a fledgling small town with few businesses.

Norman was a pupil at Capel Government School when in June 1923 he became unwell with mumps. He was not improving and was taken to Bunbury Government Hospital where his condition worsened when complications set in. He died 15 June, aged only 9 years and 11 months. This was a great shock to the Capel community and in particular his family and school friends. Norman was a popular boy and that was evidenced by the large crowd that attended and also those that laid wreaths at his funeral held the following day. Officiated by Reverend G Morris, the congregation minister from Busselton. One can image that this would have been a cold, wet gloomy day in June 1923 and sadness was felt by everyone in attendance. His mates Ernest Scott, Guy Payne, Leslie Reynolds and Fred Tucker were in attendance with Teddy Dyer, Don Hannaby, Vivian Harrison Jaimsie Turner and George Hartnett acting as pall bearers. These boys would have been deeply affected by the loss of their young friend.

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Norman is buried in the Capel Cemetery Western Australia.

Story compiled by Jennifer Scott – Great Niece.

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