John Edward Moore

John Edward MOORE


Date of Birth: 23 April 1849

Birth Location: Payneham Adelaide South Australia

Also Known As: Daddy Moore

Age at Burial: 83 years

Date of Death: 8 August 1932

Death Location: Busselton Western Australia

Date of Burial: 10 August 1932

Denomination: Anglican

Row/Grave: Unmarked grave – Unknown

Grave Transcription:

Father: Edward Moore

Mother: Elizabeth Briant

Grandparents (father): William Moore and Elizabeth Reed

Grandparents (mother): John Briant and Sarah Chapman


Emma Moore, born 21 January 1836 Chertsey Surrey England. Died 20 February 1898 Avoca Victoria

Marianne Moore, born 21 January 1838 Chertsey Surrey England. Died 14 May 1839 Immigration depot Adelaide South Australia

Henry Moore, born 29 May 1840 Adelaide South Australia. Died 22 November 1915

George Moore, born 5 February 1842 Adelaide South Australia. Died 23 May 1861 Avoca Victoria

Eliza Moore, born 2 February 1844 Adelaide South Australia. Died 26 March 1915

Matilda Moore, born 27 August 1845 Adelaide South Australia. Died October 1858 Bet Bet Creek Victoria

Marther Moore, born 25 February 1847 Adelaide South Australia. Died 16 July 1923 Avoca Victoria

Ann Moore, (twin to Thomas) born 13 July 1851 Payneham Adelaide South Australia. Died 23 March 1852 South Australia

Thomas Moore, (twin to Ann) born 13 July 1851 Payneham Adelaide South Australia. Died 3 October 1873 Musk Creek Ballarat Victoria

Sarah Moore, born circa 1853 Campbell’s Creek Victoria. Died circa 1855 Castlemaine Victoria

Elizabeth Moore, born 23 July 1856 Avoca Victoria. Died 1933 Lancefield Victoria

Robert Moore, born 13 August 1858 Avoca Victoria. Died 13 October 1859 Avoca Victoria

Spouse: Sarah Power


William Edward Moore, born 1878 died 1895

Jemima Elizabeth Moore, born 1879 died 1939

Hubert Theodore Moore, born 1882 died 1883

Ellen Power Moore, born 1885 died 1964

David Vernon Moore, born 1886 died 1957

Occupation: Miner, Labourer, Teamster, Farmer

Military Service:

Their Story

John Edward Moore was born to migrant parents Edward and Elizabeth Moore who had migrated from England to Adelaide South Australia, arriving 21 March 1834 on board the Buckinghamshire.

Details of Buckinghamshire voyage to Adelaide South Australia in 1838 – 1839. – link

Other facts of Buckingham voyage to Adelaide South Australia in 1838 – 1839. – link

Edward and Elizabeth arrived with two children Emma and Marianne. While still at the South Australian Immigration Depot, Marianne died. Five further children were born in Adelaide. The family moved to Payneham, a western Adelaide suburb where Edward was employed as a labourer and carrier.

John Edward Moore was born in April 1849.  The eighth of thirteen children born to Edward and Elizabeth.

By 1852 Edward, Elizabeth and family had left Adelaide to join the gold rush in the Victorian goldfields. They made a permanent camp at Campbell’s Creek where their eleventh child was born. They then moved to Avoca Victoria where their last two children were born. Elizabeth in 1856 and Robert in 1858. Edward took up farming at Bung Bung on the Bet Bet Creek. In 1867 Edward applied for a licence to occupy crown land in the County of Talbot. A licence was issued in 1868 and in 1872, Edward made application to purchase the land.

John Edward Moore 28 years, a farmer, married Sarah Power aged 22 years at St John’s Church at Avoca on 29 November 1877. Their first child William Edward was born the following year at St Arnaud Victoria. Four more children were born, all in the Pyrenees Ranges District. My great grandmother Ellen Power (Nellie) was the fourth child born on 9 February 1885. John Moore and family moved around the Pyrenees District where John worked on properties in this district when agriculture became more reliable after alluvial gold became harder to find.

John and Sarah and family left Victoria in 1893 for Western Australia as large goldfields were opening east of Perth. They arrived at Southern Cross around 1894 where vast quantities of gold were being found in Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie. The gold fields attracted many migrants from the East coast to Western Australia. Family history suggests the Moore family travelled overland with a team of Clydesdale horses and took up residence on the goldfields. There they would have lived under canvas, or in hessian or bag walled huts with a corrugated iron roof. Cooking and cleaning were done outdoors. Clean water was hard to obtain and mainly reserved for cooking and drinking. Sanitary conditions were primitive at best. John carted water from Southern Cross to Coolgardie with his team of horses that he had brought overland from Victoria. In 1896, the rail link was completed between Southern Cross and Coolgardie. It was then that John gave up the job as teamster and moved to Coolgardie as a carter and labourer where he made deliveries to outlying mine sites.

Eldest child William died at Southern Cross in 1895 from drinking contaminated water. He was 16 years old. After this tragedy, Sarah with Ellen and David moved to Sawyers Valley near Mundaring on the outskirts of Perth. Jemima remained living in Coolgardie. It is here that Sarah ran boarding houses for timber workers or at least assisted in the running of these boarding houses. John followed his family to Sawyers Valley where he worked for the water supply department as a ganger in charge of a small work team around Bakers Hill until 1904.

In the early 1900’s Nellie Moore and William John (Will) Merritt from Greenbushes in the Southwest had become friends. Eldest daughter Jemima had met Jim Forrest from Quindalup in the Southwest whilst still living at Coolgardie and they married at Coolgardie in August 1899.

John and Sarah moved to the Drakesbrook – Waroona area in 1905 where he was a teamster alongside his son in law Jim Forrest hauling timber for Millars. They lived at Eleven Mile Mill east of the Waroona Station. It seems that they only remained here for about one year as they had moved to Greenbushes where Will Merritt was also residing. John and son David Vernon were labourers at Kirrup Landing. It is thought that Sarah most likely helped out with running boarding houses for timber mill workers whilst they resided there. It Is also while living at Greenbushes that the friendship of Ellen and Will Merritt blossomed. They were married 25 April 1907 at Bunbury Western Australia.

John and Sarah then moved to Capel in the Southwest in 1909 where John took up farming. It is here that John and Sarah became affectionately known as Daddy Moore and Mummy Moore. They were well liked by both family and friends. My grandmother Vida Ellen (Nellie and Will’s third child) always referred to them by these names.

John Moore purchased 3.8774 ha of land at Stirling Estate Capel in 1912. In 1915 John and Sarah’s son Dave took over the farm and they moved to a rented house in Capel before a small house was built for them on the property of their son in law Will Merritt. They then had a house built in Barlee Road Capel just north of the railway line where he remained until his death.

On 8 August 1932 aged 83 years, John Moore died. He had been feeling unwell and was travelling to Busselton in his spring cart to seek medical assistance. He died at Sabina River, about halfway between Capel and Busselton before reaching Busselton. It was confirmed by doctors that he had suffered a heart attack.

His obituary was published in The South Western News Busselton on Friday 19 August 1932.


DEATH AT CAPEL The death of Mr John Edward Moore, of Capel, took place after a short illness on the 8TH Inst. Deceased who was familiarly known as “Daddy” had a wide circle of friends, and was much respected. Coming from Victoria over fifty years ago, he settled in the Capel district, and had reached the age of 84 years. A widow, two daughters and one son are left to mourn their loss.


The funeral took place on the 10th inst, where there was a large attendance, first at the Capel Church of England where a brief service was held, and subsequently at the graveside, Rev. A C H Lerpinere, of Boyanup, officiating.


Many beautiful wreaths were received, amongst them those from the following : His loving wife : Mimi, Jim and family; Son, Wife and family; Mr and Mrs Waterhouse and family; Mr And Mrs C M Scott; Mr And Mrs C Fennell; Mr and Mrs W Hutton and family; Mr And Mrs Waddingham; Mr And Mrs T Lamming, Jun; Mr And Mrs S C Road; Mr And Mrs T G Hutton; Vida, Freda and Howard; Marjorie, Mavis and Stella; Nellie and Allan; Mrs S A Payne; Evie and Arthur; Je and family; Will, Ellen and family. Thos Peaker, Busselton, carried out the funeral arrangements.


It has been confirmed to me through family sources, that John Edward Moored is in an unmarked grave at the Capel Cemetery, Western Australia. He and wife Sarah strongly held the belief that any memorial of death was ostentatious and a waste of valuable resources. They instructed their family that no headstones or other memorial material should commemorate their deaths. Many family members have made searches of the Capel Cemetery for their grave sites over the years and have proved this fact.


Story compiled by Jennifer Scott great great granddaughter with assistance from Lance Merritt great grandson of John and Sarah Moore.

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