Richard (Dick) Fisher

Richard Fisher

Name: FISHER Richard

Date of Birth: 26 November 1912

Birth Location: Northam, Western Australia

Also Known As: Dick

Age at Burial: 63years

Date of Death: 24 November 1976

Death Location: Bunbury

Date of Burial: 27 November 1976

Denomination: Anglican A

Row/Grave: Row 9 Grave 79

Grave Transcription:

In Loving Memory Of

RICHARD FISHER                                               ALSO

BELOVED HUSBAND OF                                   HIS BELOVED WIFE

LORNA                                                                AND

LOVING FATHER OF                                          OUR DEAR MOTHER

NORMAN, DUDLEY                                           LORNA ST. CLAIR

GRACE & BRIAN                                                PASSED AWAY

PASSED AWAY                                                   4-6-1987

24-11-1976                                                        AGED 61.

AGED 63.


Father: Stanley Fisher born: 22 January 1867, Wallaroo, South Australia. Died: 20 May 1956. Buried Capel Cemetery.

Mother: Eliza Anne Walker born: 26 December 1874 Yorkshire, England. Died: 24 February 1947. Buried Capel Cemetery.

Grandfather (Father): Richard Jolly Fisher born: 14 March 1819 Yorkshire, England. Died: 30 December 1873. Buried Wallaroo Cemetery South Australia.

Grandmother (Father): Margaret Murphy born: 27 June 1829 Killarney, Ireland. Died: 12 June 1875. Buried Wallaroo Cemetery South Australia.

Grandfather (Mother): John Blew Walker born: 15 February 1847 Middlesbrough, England. Died: 22 March 1928. Buried Northam.

Grandmother (Mother): Jane Stephenson born: 10 August 1845 Yorkshire, England. Died: 13 August 1928. Buried Northam.


Matthias Jolly Fisher born: 3 November 1892 Northam. Died: 22 December 1970. Buried Capel. Married: 1936 Vera Maud Harris.

Stanley Fisher born: 19 August 1894 Northam. Died: 30 October 1967. Karrakatta, Perth. Married: 1916 Gladys Lydia Braybrook.

Eliza Fisher born: 24 May 1896 Northam. Died: 1 August 1978 Cremated Karrakatta, Perth. Married: 1927 Albert Cant.

John Fisher born: 1898 Northam. Died: 1960 Buried Lake Grace.

Ernest Arthur Fisher born: 11 October 1900 Northam. Died: 12 July 1969 Buried Albany. Married: 1933 Constance May Kennedy.

Vivian Gordon Fisher born: 11 April 1902 Northam. Died: 5 May 1967 Lake Grace. Married: 1931 Martha Reimers.

Margaret Alma Fisher born: 21 February 1905 Northam. Died: 19 April 1980 Buried Bunbury. Married: William John Growden.

Clarence Lindsay Fisher born: 12 February 1907 Northam. Died: 20 December 1982 Buried Northam. Married: 1932 Winifred Alice Taylor.

Dorothy Hilda Vera Fisher born: 27 August 1908 Northam. Died 30 October 1993 Buried Moora. Married: 1936 James Gladstone Wilson White.

Roy Fisher born/died: 1910 Northam.

Allan Raymond Frederick Fisher born: 11 July 1914 Northam. Died: 20 November 1967 Williams.

Ina Beatrice Fisher born: 4 February 1917 Northam. Died: 17 July 2003 Buried Capel. Married: 1941 Percival Campbell Scott.

Enid Mary Fisher born: 23 May 1919 Northam. Died: 18 May 2014 Buried Capel. Married: 1938 Verner Alan “Son” Scott.

Spouse: Lorna St. Clair Scott born: 25 November 1925 Bunbury. Died: 4 June 1987. Buried Capel.


Norman born: 1944

Dudley born: 1945

Grace born: 1948

Brian born: 1954


Norman’s children: Paul, Kathy, Tanya.

Dudley’s children: Taryn, Jade, Leah, Heath & Nash.

Grace’s children: Jamie & Kristy.

Brian’s children: Krystal & Kirby.

Occupation: Orchardist/Farmer.

Their Story

Richard Fisher was born to parents Stanley and Eliza (nee Walker) Fisher in November 1912, in Northam, Western Australia. He was the 11th of 14 children. Dick’s parents had been married in Northam on September 8, 1891. Stanley, Dick’s father, had been born in South Australia, but it appears that after the death of both parents, his oldest sister Eliza, who had become a widow, took on the job of raising the younger children. They moved to Western Australia in the 1880’s.

Dick’s Grandparents, John and Jane Walker had travelled to Western Australia, from England, aboard the “Fitzroy” arriving on December 1, 1876. They first settled in South Perth but by 1880 they had applied for 100 acres of land in the Avon district.

His Fisher Grandparents had come to Western Australia from England much earlier. His Grandmother, Margaret Murphy, came as a very young woman on the “Diadem” arriving in Australind in April 1842. His Grandfather, Richard Jolly Fisher appears to have arrived in the early  1840’s. Grandfather Richard was the Master of a supply ship, “Frolic”, that went between ports along the coast of Western Australia. Richard and Margaret married in Picton in 1845 and moved to South Australia in 1850.

Dick grew up on the family farm at Meckering, where it was reported that his father was a “Very Good Farmer”. His father owned farms in the Quairading, Merredin, and Meckering districts at various times. The farm at Quairading was called “Newhaven”. In Dick’s early life he would have gone to school and helped his parents on the farms. Dick’s brother Stanley married in 1916 and continued farming in the district. As the older children were making their own way in life and with the challenges of wheatbelt farming, Dick’s parents bought an orchard in the Capel River District and moved the family. This was in 1925 purchased from Paul Ohl. The new farm was named “Rangeview” by the Fisher’s.

Dick helped his father run the orchard. A packing shed was established on the farm. Dick appears to have been a member of the Rifle Club and the Capel River Tennis Club. He was caught driving a vehicle in Spencer Street, Bunbury, without a drivers’ licence in 1933. In 1934, Dick and one of his sisters had an accident on Goodwood Road, Capel when the steering failed on their vehicle. Thankfully neither were hurt.

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Dick was best man when his oldest brother Matthias Jolly Fisher married Vera Maud Harris in April 1936 and then he and his brother Allan were groomsmen when their sister Dorothy married James White later the same year. In July he was Master of Ceremonies at the opening of the New Capel River Hall.

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Dick’s youngest sister, Enid married Verner Alan “Son” Scott in February 1938 and in 1941, sister Ina married Percival “Percy” Campbell Scott. Percy had a younger sister, Lorna and it wasn’t long before Dick and Lorna were a couple. Then, on August 25, 1943, at the age of 30, Dick married Lorna St. Clair Scott in the Stratham Church.

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Dick and Lorna also made their home on Rangeview, and this is where, in 1944, they became parents for the first time to a son, Norman. Their second son, Dudley, arrived the following year.

Sadly, in February 1947, Dick’s mother, Eliza Fisher died at Rangeview and was buried in the Capel Cemetery.

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In 1948, Dick and Lorna welcomed a daughter, Grace. On the Electoral roll from 1949, Dick and Lorna were living at Rangeview along with Dick’s father Stanley and his younger brother Allan. By 1954, Stanley and Allan were living at “Greenside” Witchcliffe with Matthias and Vera on their dairy farm. Lorna and Dick still lived at Rangeview. They welcomed another son, Brian, that same year.

Then in May 1956, Dick’s father, Stanley died. He was buried next to his wife Eliza in the Capel Cemetery.

Dick continued with the orchard on Rangeview. Dick and Lorna were hosts to some “bright” parties as were reported in the local paper. They supported many of the local community events. The children attended the Capel River School.

By 1959, Norman had returned home from school in Perth and was living at home with the family. Sometime before 1972, Rangeview had been sold and Dick and Lorna lived in Minninup Road, Bunbury. Dick was working as a “plant cleaner”. Dudley went to the Vietnam War during this time. Thankfully he returned home safely. The children were now getting married, giving Dick grandchildren, and making lives of their own.

In November 1976, 2 days before his 64th birthday, Dick passed away. He was buried in the Anglican A section of the Capel Cemetery on the 27th November.

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