Grace Elizabeth Chapman

Grace Elizabeth Chapman

Name: CHAPMAN Grace Elizabeth

Date of Birth: 1879

Birth Location: North Capel Farm, Stirling Estate, Capel.

Maiden Name: ROBERTS

Also Known As: Grace Elizabeth Shiel

Age at Burial: 48 years.

Date of Death: 23 July 1928

Death Location: “Summerlea”, Stirling Estate, Capel

Date of Burial: 24 July 1928

Denomination: Anglican B

Row/Grave: Row 11 / Grave 143 (Confirmed by Grandson)

Grave Transcription: Unmarked Brick Surround.

Father: Charles Fox Roberts born: 22 February 1844, North Capel Farm, Capel. Died: 20 January 1923 “Lutterworth”, Capel. Buried Capel Cemetery.

Mother: Hannah Hurst born: 17 March 1841, Leicestershire, England. Died: 14 August 1917, Perth. Buried Capel Cemetery.

Grandfather (Father): William Jenkin Roberts (Snr) born: 1796, Veryan, Cornwall, England. Died: 26 April 1883. Buried Bunbury Pioneer Cemetery.

Grandmother (Father): Isabella Jenkin 1799, Cornelly, England. Died: 9 August 1875. Buried Bunbury Pioneer Cemetery.

Grandfather (Mother): Unknown

Grandmother (Mother): Eliza Hurst born: 22 January 1823, Leichestershire, England. Died: 1850 Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England.


William Charles Fox Roberts born: 21 July 1865 Capel. Died: 8 January 1946. Buried Nannup Cemetery. 1. Married 1888 Mary Longbottom. 2. Married 1909 Alice Maud Hambridge.

Clara Ann Roberts born:  1866 Capel. Died: 11 January 1931. Buried Karrakatta Cemetery. Married 1888 William James Bovell.

Susan Sophia Roberts born: 1867 Capel. Died: 7 September 1928. Buried Brighton Cemetery Melbourne. 1. Married 1892 George Crampen Rosselotty. 2. Married 1898 Rev. John “Jack” Beukers.

Herbert Henry Roberts born: 21 March 1969 Capel. Died: 20 October 1942. Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1898 Rose Campbell Forrest.

Frank Albert Roberts born: 17 March 1871 Capel. Died: 22 January 1939. Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1894 Mary Jane “Janie” Higgins.

Capel Hannah “Pink” Roberts born: 1872 Capel. Died: 17 December 1920. Buried Karrakatta Cemetery. Married 1904 James Hargrave Shekleton.

Charles Basil Roberts born/died: 1873 (lived approx. 6 weeks)

Edith Isabella Roberts born: 1874 Capel. Died: 27 November 1953. Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Married 1893 Arnold William Chapman.

Catherine “Emily” Roberts born: 1876 Capel. Died: 15 October 1954. Buried Old Mandurah Cemetery. Married 1899 George “Melville” Tuckey.

Baby Girl Roberts born/died: 1878

Charles Basil “Bon” Roberts born: 1881 Capel. Died: 29 August 1936. Buried Capel Cemetery.         1. Married 1907 Margaret Emily Roberts. 2. Married 1911 Elizabeth “Cis” Thompson (nee Nelms)

Ilma Jane Roberts born: 1886 Died: 18 December 1920. Buried Karrakatta Cemetery. Married 1913 Thomas Evans “Jack” Glynn.

Spouse: 1. James Phillip Shiel born: 1869 Wicklow, Ireland. Died: Believed he returned to England.

  1. David John “Peter” Chapman born: January 1890, Hampstead, England. Died: 25 October 1959. Buried Capel Cemetery.


Baby Girl Shiel born: 1901 Busselton. Died: 1901 Busselton.

Ursula Roberts Shiel born: 1903 Geraldton. Died: 21 November 1966. Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 30 April 1926 Henry Thomas “Brownie” Dunkley.

Charles Roberts Shiel born: 1904 Victoria Plains. Died: 11 November 1921 Kalgoorlie.

John Charles Shiel born: 10 April 1907 Geraldton. Died: December 1921 Kalgoorlie.

Beatrice Mae “Betty” Chapman born: 4 May 1922 Kalgoorlie. Died: 26 April 1997. Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1943 Edwin “Keith” Turner.

Occupation: Home duties, Hotel and boarding housekeeper, postmistress.

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Pink left, Grace right with Jess Glew middle
John, Ursula and Charles Shiel.
Grace Elizabeth Chapman nee Roberts