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Mary Jane Roberts

Name: ROBERTS Mary Jane

Date of Birth: 14 April 1872

Birth Location: Springfield, Capel.

Maiden Name: HIGGINS

Also Known As: Janie

Age at Burial: 79 years

Date of Death: 25 May 1951

Death Location: Bunbury Hospital

Date of Burial: 26 May 1951

Denomination: Anglican B

Row/Grave: Row 2 / Grave 15

Grave Transcription:

In Loving Memory







BORN 14 TH APRIL 1872.

DIED 25 TH MAY 1951.


Father: Henry William Higgins born: 24 July 1823 Somerset, England. Died: 4 December 1880 Buried Picton Church Cemetery.

Mother: Lavinia Gardiner born: 1838 Bisley, Gloucestershire, England. Died: 1 June 1891 Buried Picton Church Cemetery.

Grandfather (Father): William Higgins born: 15 April 1800 Somerset, England. Died: 10 November 1844 Buried Picton Church Cemetery.

Grandmother (Father): Sarah Dredge born: 5 October 1799 Somerset, England. Died: 31 December 1867. Buried Picton Church Cemetery.

Grandfather (Mother): Reuben Gardiner born: 18 November 1804 Battlescombe, England. Died: 21 January 1876, Bunbury, Western Australia.

Grandmother (Mother): Anne Onsloe Brown born: 14 October 1810 Bisley, England. Died: 1879 Roelands, Western Australia.


William Higgins born: 1855 Springfield, Capel. Died: 3 September 1930 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Unmarried.

Lavinia Susanna Higgins born: 1856 Springfield, Capel. Died: 7 February 1916 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1881 William “Proctor” Scott.

Annie Eliza Higgins born: 26 April 1858 Springfield, Capel. Died: 9 November 1942 Buried Boyanup Cemetery. Married 1883 Daniel Montague “Monty” Scott.

Susanna Maria Higgins born: 1860 Springfield, Capel. Died: 29 January 1935 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 6 August 1885 Samuel Clifton Rose.

Sarah Mary Higgins born: 1863 Springfield, Capel. Died: 28 October 1866.

Reuben Gardiner Higgins born: 1864 Springfield, Capel. Died: 26 May 1928 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Unmarried.

David Henry Higgins born: 1866 Springfield, Capel. Died: 17 July 1926 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Unmarried.

Henry “Charles” Higgins born: 1868 Springfield, Capel. Died: 15 July 1951 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Unmarried.

Martha Selina “Matty” Higgins born: 1870 Springfield, Capel. Died: 9 October 1948 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Married 1902 John Montague “Jack” Gibbs.

Madeline Lisette Higgins born: 1874 Springfield, Capel. Died: 7 June 1934 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Unmarried.

Christina Grace Higgins born: 1876 Springfield, Capel. Died: 8 July 1927 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Married 1906 Alfred Crampton.

Alfred George “Arpey” Higgins born: 1878 Springfield, Capel. Died: 7 May 1931 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Unmarried.

Spouse: Frank Albert Roberts born: 17 March 1871 North Capel Farm. Died: 22 January 1939 Buried Capel Cemetery.


Wilfred Frank Roberts born: 2 March 1896 North Capel Farm. Died: 27 February 1960 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1927 Mary Victoria “Queenie” Walker.

Felix Guy Roberts born: 10 October 1897 North Capel Farm. Died: 24 February 1966 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1926 Maisie Jennings.

Margery Stirling Roberts born: 28 November 1904 North Capel Farm. Died: 30 November 1939 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1927 Cecil Edward Hazelton.

Florence “Mary” Roberts born: 28 November 1907 North Capel Farm. Died: 12 May 1989 Buried Capel Cemetery. Unmarried.

Occupation: Home Duties

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Mary Jane Roberts
Mary Jane Roberts Headstone
Frank, Janie & baby Wilfred 1896
Janie, Heather, Mary & Rosemary
Springfield Early 1900's
Homestead North Capel Farm