David Sharpe


Name: SHARPE David

Date of Birth: 2 November 1905

Birth Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Also Known As: Dave

Age at Burial: 48years

Date of Death: 1 November 1954

Death Location: “Ardenvale” Capel

Date of Burial: 2 November 1954

Denomination: Catholic

Row/Grave: Row 4 Grave 20

Grave Transcription:


DAVID                                                     ALWINA THERESA

SHARPE                                                  SHARPE (TESSIE)

2.11.1905 – 1.11.1954                       (NEE WITTFOHT)

8.6.1909 – 31.8.2007




Father: Thomas Sharpe/Sharp

Mother: Janet/Jessie Roberton

Grandparents: Unknown


Jeanette Roberton Sharpe born: 1889 Died: 1 January 1962. Buried Quairading, WA. Married: 24 May 1913, North Perth to Herbert Parker.

Thomas Sharpe born: 1890 Died: 1941

Charles Sharpe born: 1896 Died: 1954

William Sharpe

Spouse: Alwina Theresa “Tessie” Wittfoht born: 8 June 1909 Died: 31 August 2007


May Sharpe born: 1936

Ian Sharpe born: 1938

Brian Sharpe born: 1940

Donald Sharpe born: 1942

Anne Sharpe born: 1944

Occupation: Iron worker in Scotland, Builder, Farm & Orchard duties.

Military Service: B884 Army Citizen Military Forces – Service Number W30998

Their Story:

Dave Sharpe was born in Glasgow, Scotland to parents Thomas and Jessie Sharpe. He was the youngest of their five children. He lived with one of his brothers’ family after his parents died. His sister Jeanette had come to Australia before 1913. She married on 24 May 1913 in the Presbyterian Church, North Perth to Herbert Parker, a building contractor.

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On the 1914 and 1919 Electoral Roll the Parker’s were still living in North Perth. Sometime later Jeanette and Herbert Parker moved to Quairading. Here Herbert continued his building trade.

In 1926, at age 20, David Sharpe boarded the S.S. Benalla in London, departing on 19 August, arriving in Fremantle 29 September. On the passenger list he was listed as an Iron Worker. Dave came out to live with his sister and brother-in-law in Quairading. He worked with Herbert as a labourer.

Dave met schoolteacher Tessie Wittfoht who was teaching at Quairading. Dave and Tessie were married in 1936 and came back to live at Tessie’s parents farm, Ardenvale, Capel River. Dave worked for Tessie’s father William Wittfoht in his orchard.

Dave and Tessie had five children, May, Ian, Brian, Donald and Anne. They lived in a small cottage across the river from Dave’s in-laws. Sadly, Tessie’s father died in 1945 and her mother in 1949. The Sharpe family had moved in with Tessie’s mother to help after her father died.

Dave died at home, on 1 November 1954. He was buried on his 49th birthday, 2 November 1954 at the Capel Cemetery.

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Tessie & Dave Sharpe Late 1940's
Dave Sharpe with baby Brian & Ian 1940
Headstone David & Tessie Sharpe