James and Jemima Forrest

James Archibald Forrest

Name: James Archibald Forrest

Date of Birth: 13 December 1866

Birth Location: Quindalup Western Australia

Also Known As: Jim and Bullocky

Age at Burial: 66 years

Date of Death: 17 January 1933

Death Location: Capel Western Australia

Date of Burial: 19 January 1933 at Capel Cemetery, Western Australia

Denomination: Anglican

Row/Grave: Unknown Grave

Grave Transcription: Unknown Grave

Father: James Vasse Forrest

Married: Fremantle, Western Australia 1858

Mother: Jane Doonan

Grandparents (father): Gavan Forrest and Mary Ogliby Lockhart nee Swan

Grandparents (mother): Thomas Doonan and Elizabeth Allen


Elizabeth Harriet Forrest, born 1859, Sussex District, Western Australia.  Died 4 November 1941, South Bunbury, Western Australia.  Married Edmund Richard Scott in 1882.

Gavin Forrest, born 1861, Western Australia. Died 11 July 1929, Busselton, Western Australia. Married Hetty Hobbs in 1906 in Busselton.

Ellen Mary Forrest, born 1864 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 1950 Busselton, Western Australia.  Married James Ost

Cecilia Margaret Forrest, born 1868 Quindalup Western Australia. Died 1940 Perth Western Australia. Married George Richardson in 1891.

Annie Jane Forrest, born 1870 Blackwood region, Western Australia. Died 27 September 1893 Quindalup, Western Australia

John William Forrest, born 1872 Blackwood region, Western Australia. Died 1946 Busselton Western Australia. Married Amy Wooler in 1912.

George Benjamin Forrest, born 1874 Vasse Western Australia. Died 1953 Busselton Western Australia.  Married Esther May Whittle in 1914.

Leopold Bismark Forrest, born 1876 Sussex region Western Australia. Died 1878 Thornhill, Rosa Glen Western Australia. Aged 2 years

Daniel Oscar Forrest, born 1878 Sussex region Western Australia. Died 1954 Fremantle Western Australia. Married Hazel Katie Hobbs in 1913.

Agnes Janthe Forrest, born 1879 Vasse region Western Australia. Died 1942, RiverVale, Perth, Western Australia

Thomas Allan Athol Forrest, born 1982 Thornhill Rosa Glen Western Australia. Died 1970 Yarloop Western Australia

Valerie Renie Victoria Forrest, born 1883 Quindalup. Died 17 September 1972, Bunbury Western Australia. Buried Karrakatta Cemetery.  First Marriage: Charles Mackley.   Second Marriage: Irwin Criddle

Spouse: Jemima Elizabeth Moore (Mimi)


James William Gavan Forrest born 2 January 1900 Waroona, Western Australia. Died 1901 Bunbury, Western Australia. Buried unknown. Aged 1 year.

Allan Edward Forrest born 1 September 1901 Waroona, Western Australia. Died 8 January 1925 Wellington Location, Western Australia. Buried 9 January 1925 Capel Cemetery, Western Australia. Aged 23 years.

Nellie Moore Forrest born 15 November 1903 Picton, Western Australia. Died 8 December 1992, Albany, Western Australia.

Annie May Forrest born 29 December 1906 South Bunbury Western Australia. Died 22 July 1997 Armadale, Western Australia.

John Forrest born 1908 stillborn Capel, Western Australia.

Evelyn Victoria Forrest born 3 June 1909 South Bunbury, Western Australia. Died 9 December 1942 Bunbury Hospital, Bunbury, Western Australia. Buried 10 December 1942. Capel Cemetery, Capel Western Australia.

Alexander John (Jack) Forrest born 1912. Died 21 March 1925 Capel, Western Australia. Buried 23 March 1925. Capel Cemetery, Capel Western Australia. Age 13 years.

David Moore (Pat) Forrest born 22 May 1914 Capel Western Australia. Died 18 November 1968 Yallingup, Western Australia.

Douglas Forrest born 24 August 1916  Capel Western Australia. Died 26 August 1916 Capel Western Australia. Buried 31 August 1916 Capel Cemetery, Capel Western Australia. Aged 2 days.

Marjorie Stella Elizabeth (Biddy) Forrest born 7 September 1917 Bunbury, Western Australia. Died 28 June 1978, Perth, Western Australia.

Henry Joseph (Joe) Forrest born 19 September 1919 Capel, Western Australia. Died unknown at Yelverton, Western Australia.

Jessie Maud (Jinnie) Forrest born 27 November 1922 Capel, Western Australia. Died Perth Western Australia.

Thomas Archie Forrest born 22 October 1924. Died 17 July 2002 Capel, Western Australia. Cremated. Niche wall, Capel Cemetery Western Australia.

Occupation: Farmer. ‘Bullocky’

Military Service:

Their Story

Jim’s Death


Mr James Archibald Forrest (65), who resided on his farm on the Ludlow side of Capel, met his death on Tuesday morning being gored and pounded to death by a 3-year-old Shorthorn bull. In addition, his 18-year-old son David, in endeavouring to save his father was also attacked and knocked about.

The occurrence was reported to the police at Busselton just before 1 pm, and on Const.Gannaway proceeding to investigate, it was learned that Mr Forrest was dead before he could be rescued.

It appears that the bull originally belonged to another settler and previously showed such ill temper that it was decided to destroy it. It is stated to have been a perfectly proportioned animal, well bred, and in every other way a desirable beast.

Mr Forrest, whose whole life has been spent amongst cattle, and who enjoyed the reputation years ago of being one of the best bullock drivers and handlers in the State, interceded for the animal and offered to quieten it if it was handed to him. He is also said to have, in a measure, succeeded, and to have been pleased with the apparent conquest. On Tuesday morning he proceeded to a paddock where cattle were grazing, and, with his son, commenced to drive the bull to a stockyard. They had proceeded some distance when the animal suddenly exhibited signs of rage. Charging Mr Forrest Sen, with great force, it threw him some distance, and continued to charge and maul him. The young man attempted to beat the beast away, but it attacked him, and he too fell to the ground, but was able to rise again. For some time, he endeavoured to fight the bull and go to his father’s aid, but eventually was tossed again and thrown near a fence through which he was fortunate enough to scramble in a dazed condition.


Although badly mauled, and in considerable pain, young Forrest managed to reach the homestead and acquaint the occupants what had happened. Mrs Brown a sister, hurriedly requisitioned the aid from instant neighbours, and Messrs M Thomas,
J Higgins and A Taylor proceeded to the scene. There they found the father’s body badly mutilated and crushed, life being extinct. Subsequently the body was brought to Busselton.

David Forrest, suffering mostly from shock and bruises, was admitted to the Busselton Hospital, where he remained for a couple of days and has since recovered. The bull was destroyed by the police.


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