Franciska Apolonia Anna VAN STRALEN

Name: VAN STRALEN Franciska Apolonia Anna

Date of Birth: 18 March 1951

Birth Location: Holland

Also Known As: Ciska

Age at Burial: 64 years

Date of Death: 19 April 2015

Death Location: Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, Perth.

Date of Burial: Cremated Bunbury 28 April 2015

Denomination: Jehovah’s Witness

Row/Grave: Row 1 / Grave 2 (Ashes Placed in the Grave of her Nephew – Jonathon Leo Van Stralen.)

Grave Transcription: Headstone for Jonathon Leo Van Stralen – Franciska Apolonia Anna Van Stralen – Unmarked.

CDCP Grave Marker: Grave Marker with Plaque, placed by CDCP volunteers,  24 May 2023 (image below).

Father: Andris Jacobus Van Stralen born: 17 February 1912 Holland. Died: 19 December 1991 Cremated Karrakatta Cemetery.

Married: 5 June 1946 The Hague, Netherlands

Mother: Wilhelmina Maria Apolonia Vredenbregt born: 20 October 1925 Holland. Died: 29 March 2008 Ashes Interred Capel Cemetery.

Grandfather (Father): Leonardus Johanis Van Stralen born: 30 June 1879 Holland. Died: 15 March 1965 The Hague, Netherlands.

Married: 17 February 1909 Rotterdam.

Grandmother (Father): Anna Catharina Louisa Van Der Pluijm born: 25 November 1876 Rotterdam. Died: 24 April 1960 The Hague, Netherlands.

Grandfather (Mother): Leonardus Vredenbregt born: 15 October 1899 Holland. Died: 12 November 1987 Buried Fremantle Cemetery.

Married: 3 August 1921 Holland

Grandmother (Mother): Apolonia Helena Eiysackers born: 1 January 1897 Holland. Died: 21 July 1935 Holland.


Leonardus Petrus Andris Van Stralen born: 25 March 1947 Holland. Died: 13 September 1988 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married: 1965 Glenice Kaye Pearce.

Agnes Apolonia Van Stralen born: 22 July 1949 Holland. Married: 2 April 1968 Joseph James Pearce.

Spouse: Unmarried

Children: Nil

Occupation: Unknown

Their Story

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