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Bertha Louisa ROBERTS

Name: ROBERTS Bertha Louisa

Date of Birth: 1873

Maiden Name: WENN

Birth Location: Bunbury

Age at Burial: 69 years

Date of Death: 6 July 1942

Death Location: Bunbury Hospital, Bunbury.

Date of Burial: 8 July 1942

Denomination: Anglican D

Row/Grave: Row 3 Grave 25

Grave Transcription:



BORN 1873 – DIED 1942

Father: James Frederick Wenn born: 8 December 1837 England. Died: 27 May 1925 Bunbury.

Mother: Ellen Jarvis born: 2 June 1844 Fremantle Died: 7 October 1913 Bunbury.

Grandfather (Father): John Bailey Wenn born: 3 December 1812 Leicestershire, England Died: 25 May 1891 Bunbury.

Grandmother (Father): Harriet Ensor born: 28 October 1813 England. Died: 29 January 1891 Geraldton.

Grandfather (Mother): James Jarvis born: 3 March 1819 Island of Jersey, Surrey, England. Died: 1882 Fremantle.

Grandmother (Mother): Hellen Spencer born: 1815 England. Died: 8 May 1895 Fremantle.


Catherine Elizabeth Wenn born/died: 1861 Fremantle.

John Charles Wenn born: 1862 Fremantle Died: 4 December 1913 Bunbury

James Rossmore Wenn born: 18 November 1864 Bunbury Died: 24 November 1915 Bunbury

Helen/Ellen Mary Wenn born: 1866 Bunbury Died: 13 June 1926 Wellington District.

Harriet Jane Wenn born: 1868 Bunbury Died: 20 December 1926 Fremantle.

Frances Eva Wenn born: 1871 Bunbury Died: 22 May 1955 Bunbury.

Thomas William Wenn born: 1875 Bunbury Died: 14 October 1947 Bunbury.

Esther Amelia Wenn born: 1878 Bunbury Died: 6 February 1962 Bunbury,

Ebenezer Henry Wenn born: 7 July 1882 Bunbury Died: 16 August 1938 Bunbury.

Spouse: Thomas Roberts born: 1869 Capel Died: 1955 Blackwood


Daisy Ilma Roberts born: 1895 Capel. Died: 1921 Mooroopna VIC.

Olga Doreen Roberts born: 10 October 1909 Bunbury. Died: 25 October 1961 Buried Capel.

Occupation: Mother, Cook.

Their Story

John Bailey Wenn and Harriet Ensor were married, 27 February 1837, in England. They had their first child, James Frederick Wenn (Bertha’s father) on December 8, 1837. John was an Agricultural Labourer and Harriet was a dressmaker. They came to Fremantle, Western Australia on the ship “Simon Taylor” arriving August 20, 1842. Here they had another son, John, in 1843 and a daughter, Esther, who was born and died in 1845.

James Jarvis and Helen Spencer were married on the Island of Jersey, Surrey, England on August 29, 1841, and this is where their first child, Jane Elizabeth Jarvis was born March 1, 1842. Sometime before June 2, 1844, the family arrived in Fremantle. Their second daughter, Ellen, (Bertha’s mother) was born on this date. The family continued to grow. They had 2 more daughters and 3 sons.

John Bailey Wenn was a cooper in Fremantle. His marriage to Harriet did not last. Harriet married again, to John Patten, and had 2 more children. John Bailey Wenn, also married again, to Margaret Farrell, and had 7 more children. In 1955 he was the master of the ship “Zillah” that travelled down the coast to Bunbury and Vasse bringing supplies. His oldest son, James Frederick Wenn, worked for his father on the ship and then later took over as Master. They also had vessels called “Two Sons” and “Star of the South” which ferried supplies between the ports along the Southwest coast of Western Australia.

James Frederick Wenn met Fremantle girl, Ellen Jarvis. They were married in the Congregational Church, Fremantle, on January 12, 1861. Ellen continued to live in Fremantle while James travelled the coast delivering supplies. Their first child Catherine Elizabeth Wenn was born later that year in Fremantle, but sadly died. The following year, 1862, John Charles Wenn was born. James ventured into whaling and worked the coast around Bunbury, Quindalup and Hamelin Bay. Ellen came to live in Bunbury. It was here, that James and Ellen had 8 more babies. The last being born in 1882. They now had 4 sons and 5 daughters. Bertha Louisa Wenn, born in 1873, was the seventh child.

Bertha’s brother, James Rossmore Wenn, married Selina Buswell in 1885 and then in 1888 there were two weddings. Helen Mary Wenn married Alfred Sturtridge and Harriet Jane Wenn married John William Tuttlebee.  Also, in 1888, Bertha, 15, is listed as a passenger in steerage, on a ship from Bunbury to Fremantle. Maybe she was visiting her Grandmother Jarvis, who was still living in Fremantle.

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Sadly, for the family John Bailey Wenn, Bertha’s grandfather, died in May 1891 and was buried in Bunbury. Her grandmother, Harriet also died in 1891, in Geraldton. We don’t know if the family had any contact with Harriet after she left John.

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There was another wedding for the Wenn family in 1892, Frances Eva Wenn married Bernard Griffin.

Bertha met Thomas Roberts, a farmer of Capel. On October 22, 1894, they married in the Congregational Church, Bunbury.

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Bertha and Thomas welcomed daughter Daisy Ilma Roberts in 1895. At this time the family were living at Bellevue Farm, Capel, next to the current location of the Capel Cemetery.

In 1899, Bertha’s brother John Charles Wenn married Ellen (also known as Nell) Hannaby of Capel. Maybe Bertha made the introduction.

On the 1903 electoral roll, Bertha Louisa Roberts is living with her parents and brother, Thomas William Wenn. James and Ellen, Bertha’s parents, had a property in Constitution Road, Bunbury. James was now a carpenter. The living arrangements were the same on the 1906 electoral roll. Thomas Roberts, in 1906, was listed as living in Capel.

Bertha’s brother John and his wife Nell, lived on the Blackwood Road in both the 1903 and 1906 electoral rolls.

By 1907, Nell was living in a cottage, at Lot 61, Beach Road, Bunbury. This was a 1 acre lot. The land was let out for a market garden. Bertha and presumably, Daisy, also lived with Nell. On October 10, 1909, Bertha welcomed another daughter, Olga Doreen Roberts. They are all still living at this address in 1910. Thomas Roberts is living and farming at North Greenbushes. Bertha’s brother, who was also Nell’s husband, John, was living with his parents and brother Thomas, at the Constitution Road property.

In 1911, Bertha attended her parents 50 th wedding anniversary. Her mother had been bedridden, with arthritis for many years. There was a large gathering for the re-enactment of their first wedding ceremony.

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Bertha had moved to Capel at the time of her parents’ anniversary, in 1911. She was living at the Hannaby property, West Street, Capel, with Nell and her parents, Robert and Ellen Hannaby. Bertha got a job as a cook. We think this was at the Capel Hotel. Presumably, Olga went to Capel School. In October 1913, Ellen Wenn, Bertha’s mother died. She was buried in the Bunbury Cemetery. John Charles Wenn, Bertha’s brother, died shortly after, in December 1913.

The following year, Bertha’s father put a memorial notice, for his wife, Ellen, in the newspaper. It was also from granddaughter Daisy Roberts. Maybe Daisy had moved in to take care of her grandfather after her grandmother died.

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In 1915, there must have been great excitement in the family. Daisy Ilma Roberts, 20, married Richard Ernest Potter of the Blackwood District. On January 12, 1916, Bertha, 43, became a grandmother when Annie Matilda Potter was born. Daisy and Richard moved to Victoria sometime before 1918, as their next daughter, Eva Margaret Potter was born that year. Sadly, she died the following year, 1919 and is buried at Mooroopna, Victoria. Bertha’s eldest daughter, Daisy Ilma Potter died 2 years later in 1921 and is buried in the Mooroopna Cemetery also.

Bertha, Nell and Olga continued to live at the Hannaby residence in Capel. Nell’s father, Robert Hannaby, died May 1, 1918. He was buried in Bunbury. Nell’s mother, Ellen, continued to live at her home in West Street, Capel. Bertha was still employed as a cook. The Hannaby’s seem to have adopted Bertha and Olga into their family. Olga was going to Donnybrook on holidays, in 1926, to her relatives. These were the Parke’s. Ivy Parke was Nell’s sister. By 1931, Olga is working as a waitress probably at the Capel Hotel, where Bertha was still the cook.

In August 1934, Nell’s mother, Ellen Hannaby died. She was buried in the Capel Cemetery. “Granny” Hannaby, was obviously greatly missed by Bertha and Olga as the year following her death, they put a memorial notice in the newspaper.

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Bertha’s life seemed to continue in much the same way as it had for a number of years. She was still listed as a cook and Olga was a waitress. Nell took in boarders to help pay the bills. One of these was a young man from Busselton, William “Bill” Lax Roebuck. He worked at the Capel Dairy Company. Over time, Olga and Bill became a couple. Bertha retired from work and was diagnosed with heart problems. In April 1942, Olga and Bill married in a quiet registry office ceremony. Bertha was quite unwell and sadly she passed away, just 3 months later, on July 6, 1942. She was buried next to Granny Hannaby in the Anglican section of the Capel Cemetery.


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