Elsie Doris Hannaby

Name: Elsie Doris HANNABY

Date of Birth: February 1899

Birth Location: Coolingup, Western Australia

Age at Burial: 6 Weeks

Date of Death: 7 April 1899

Death Location: Princep Street, Bunbury

Date of Burial: 9 April 1899, Coolingup Public Cemetery (Capel Cemetery)


Row/Grave: Unknown

Father: Robert Harold Hannaby (Convict No 5661) Born: 17 March 1836, Longton, Staffordshire, England.  Died: 2 May 1918, Bunbury, Western Australia

Mother: Ellen Elizabeth Dilley. Born 28 February 1861, Fremantle, Western Australia.  Died 2 August 1934, Capel, Western Australia

Grandfather (Father): William Hannaby

Grandmother (Father): Ann Kemp

Grandfather (Mother): William Dilley

Grandmother (Mother): Ellen Boyt born: 1829 Sturminster, Dorset, England. Died: 1 October 1895 Buried Old East Perth Cemetery.


Fanny Louisa Hannaby.  Born: 3 November 1877. Died: 4 September 1958 Buried Waroona Cemetery.

Ellen Hannaby. Born: 8 May 1880. Died: 5 December 1964 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Frances Ellinor Hannaby.  Born: 2 April 1881.  Died: 3 February 1966 Brisbane.

Caroline Agnes Hannaby.  Born: 1883.  Died: 1884

Florence Grace Hannaby.  Born: 2 February 1885.  Died: 16 November 1961 Buried Collie Cemetery.

William Gilbert Hannaby.  Born: 27 February 1888.  Died: 14 November 1957 Buried Dwellingup Cemetery.

Ernest Henry Hannaby.  Born: 30 October 1891.  Died: 17 September 1956 Buried Dwellingup Cemetery.

Lily Hannaby.  Born: 23 August 1894.  Died: 2 September 1971

Ivy Isabel Hannaby.  Born: 4 December 1895.  Died: 14 September 1990 Buried Donnybrook Cemetery.

Herbert Leonard Hannaby.  Born: 29 October 1900.  Died: 27 July 1980

Arthur Rupert Hannaby.  Born: 22 February 1904.  Died: 29 November 1942 Killed in Action in New Guinea.



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