Alexander Campbell

Alexander  Cuthbert CAMPBELL

Name: CAMPBELL Alexander Cuthbert

Date of Birth: 19 December 1910

Birth Location: Glasgow Scotland

Also Known As: Alex

Age at Burial: 71

Date of Death: 6 September 1982

Death Location: Meekatharra Hospital

Date of Burial: 11 September 1982

Denomination: Congregational Presbyterian

Row/Grave: Row 5 Grave #48

Grave Transcription:


19.12.1910 – 6.9.1982









Father: Alexander Campbell

Mother: Mary

Grandparents (father):

Grandparents (mother):


Spouse: Gwennyd  Ella Walker  (1912- 1969)

Children: Gloria, Annie, Alfred (Alf) and James (Jim)

Occupation: Horseman, Soldier, Drover, Miner, Farmer

Military Service: WW11 WX18521

Their Story

Alexander Cuthbert Campbell was born on 19/12/1890 in the Scotstoun and Yoker district, Renfrew, near Glasgow Scotland. He was the only son of Alexander and Mary Campbell. He immigrated to eastern Australia in 1928.  Originally he worked clearing land for farming before he became a stockman and drover.

Alex came to Western Australia in the course of droving cattle across the north.  He then worked as head stockman on the Kimberley cattle stations of Christmas Creek, Gogo, Liveringa and Yeeda.

He later had his own droving plant and his business was droving cattle into the Wyndham Meat Works, Wyndham, W.A. in each dry season.  In each wet season he worked as an underground miner in the Pibara’s Comet gold mine, Marble Bar, W.A.

He Married Gwennyd Ella Walker in Port Hedland on 13/4/1940 and the newly weds originally settled in Marble Bar.

He did not enlist for the European theatre of World War 11, thinking of it as more of an English war, but enlisted after his beloved Australia came under threat from the Japanese. He became WX18521in the Second Australian Imperial Force and served overseas in the Pacific theatre with his final posting being with the 12 Australian Advance Workshop as a craftsman.  He later became a staunch member of the Returned Serviceman’s League and he was instrumental in obtaining charters for both the Capel RSL branch and the Meekatharra RSL branch.

During WWII a lookout had been established at Lookout Hill , also known as Hardey’s Hill and Mt. Stirling, the coastal high point between Busselton and Bunbury in the area now known as Peppermint Grove Beach.  Alex Campbell’s unit had been posted there, assigned to coast watch for the Japanese invasion fleet. While there  before he was assigned to Bougainville his commanding officer assigned him to help the landowner, octogenarian widow Mrs Kathleen Hardey (nee McCourt) daughter of pioneer James McCourt, to draft off cattle to sell.  Mrs Hardey and Alex had become friends. Later he purchased land and managed McCourt Farm, a place of considerable significance for its associations with the McCourt family and early colonial settlement along the coast, and her Cawdor (near Stratham), with the condition of caring for her for the rest of her life.  He honoured that commitment for the twenty years more which she survived.

When Alex and Gwennyd came to Capel in 1947 they settled on the McCourt farm, where they raised their four children, Gloria( born 1943), Annie ( 1944) , Alf (1947) and Jim ( 1951).

Alex supplemented the farm income by sometimes working away as an underground miner at Ravensthorpe’s copper mine and Mt. Magnet’s Hill 50 goldmine, as head stockman on Bimbijy Station, Lake Violet Station, Madura Station and Yeeda Station, as well as serving a stint as the Regional Vermin control Officer of the Meekatharra district.

He was a staunch supporter of the Australian Labor Party and was awarded life membership of the Australian Worker’s Union.

When Mrs Hardey died a centenarian, (in the early1950’s) she left some property to Alex Campbell. In the early 1960’s part of the farm was sold off to developers and Alex Campbell did some development of the first residential blocks at Peppermint Grove Beach in 1965. In 1966 Jim Campbell and his wife Cheryll became part owners of the property and settled there in 1975. Part of the property has since been developed by the Campbell’s as the McCourt Hill Estate.

In his retirement Alex enjoyed two caravanning trips around Australia. Gwen passed away to young at age 57 in 1969.

Alex passed away near Meekatharra WA on 6/9/1982 at nearly 72 years of age, after being sickly for some time.  He was survived by his four children and their families.   He and Gwennyd are buried in the same grave in Capel Cemetery.


Alex’s story  compiled by Judy Hearne  CDCP member based on the story by his sons Alf and Jim Campbell and Inherit and listed sources..

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