Allan Doyle

Allan Herbert Doyle

Name: Allan Herbert DOYLE

Date of Birth: 21 January 1943

Birth Location: Bunbury Western Australia

Age at Burial: 46

Date of Death: 11 February 1989

Death Location: Royal Perth Hospital.  Died there following an accident on Jarrahwood Road Capel 6 February 1989

Date of Burial: Thursday February 16 1989

Denomination: Catholic

Row/Grave: Row 9 Grave 42

Grave Transcription:







Father: Herbert Joseph Doyle (1914-1999)

Mother: Veronica (Molly) Mary Doyle nee O’Dwyer. ( 1915 -2006)

Grandparents (father): Willie Herbert Doyle (1884-1963), Ethel Doyle nee Bromilow (1892 -1970)

Grandparents (mother): Edward Francis O’Dwyer 1882-1942  Margaret Evelyn O’Dwyer nee Hurley ( 1885 -1969)

Siblings: Eddie, Stewart, Pamela

Spouse: Margaret Anne Houston

Children: Patrick 1966; Marty 1967 (stillborn); Michael 1968; Annemaree 1969; Diana 1971; Philip1972; Rebecca 1977; Daniel,1979, Kieran 1981

Occupation: Farmer

Their Story:

On Monday February 6 1989 two vehicles were involved in a head-on crash on the narrow gravel Jarrahwood Road that links Goodwood Rd, Upper Capel, with Jarrahwood and the Vasse Highway.  One vehicle caught alight on impact, trapping the injured driver.  The other driver managed to pull him from the wreckage.  A distance away the rising smoke from the forested area alerted a vigilant fire-lookout on watch at the height of the summer season.  Alarm was raised and an ambulance was despatched once the need had been realised.

The injured driver was Allan Doyle, 46 years old, dairy farmer, father of eight.

He was taken to Donnybrook, from there to Bunbury, then by Flying Doctor to Perth.  He did not regain consciousness.  He died in Perth 5 days later and was buried in Capel Cemetery 5 days after that.

Allan Doyle was a south-west man, a Capel man through and through.

The newspapers of the time quoted the Capel Shire President, Bill Scott, who spoke for the community when he said of his Deputy Shire President, “Mr Doyle will be a big loss to the area.  It is a sad thing for us.  His death has been met with sadness and shock throughout the area.”

Clearly Allan’s death was a bigger shock and sadness for his wife Margaret and his eight children, then ranging in age from Patrick, about to turn 23 down to 7 year old Kieran.  “Allan was a good father,” Margaret says with a simplicity that conveys the love the children had received from him, the immensity of their loss and the challenges she and the family faced without him.

Allan Herbert Doyle had been born in Bunbury on January 21 1943. His father, Herbert Joseph Doyle, was 31 years old, his mother Veronica (Molly) was 30.

He grew up on the family dairy farm, Doyson, on Goodwood Road, Capel River, just east of the town of Capel, Western Australia.  Allan was the eldest child, big brother to Eddie, Stewart and Pam who arrived to join the family at roughly two year intervals.

Allan’s father and mother were the second generation of Doyle’s to run the dairy farm, following in the footsteps of Allan’s grandparents Willy Herbert Doyle and Ethel Doyle nee Bromilow.  Allan and his wife Margaret would later become the third generation of Doyle dairy farmers,  with their son Michael and his wife Cherie becoming the fourth generation when they took responsibility for running the farm following Allan’s death when Margaret moved into a new house in Capel with the younger boys.

Allan attended the one teacher Capel River School on Goodwood Road for his primary years. Like many a country lad, Allan left home to become a boarder for his secondary education, undertaking studies in New Norcia that would prepare him for his future career as a farmer.

He returned to Capel as he was needed at home to help on the Doyle farm, which would become the focus of his working life.  He also took up employment with the local mineral sands miner, then Western Titanium, around this time to supplement his income from the farm.

Allan took an active part in many aspects of community life.  As a member of the Junior Farmers Rural Youth organisation, his skills as a speaker and debater saw him selected, in his late teens, to represent them in Australian competitions.

His involvement in the Young Catholic Workers Association, based in Bunbury, brought him other rewards.  After one YCW meeting, a chance introduction to the young organist practicing that night brought Bunbury girl Margaret Anne Houston to his notice. The social scene of the time involved lots of balls and dances and Margaret says Allan was “A very good dancer.”  Their first outing together was to the New Years’ Eve Ball at the Capel Shire Hall in 1964. The young couple clearly had more in common than fancy footwork, as they became engaged and were married on February 27 1965 in St. Patrick’s Cathedral Bunbury.  And so another generation of Doyles commenced life in the farm.

Allan was a man who would try new things.  He and Margaret built the new brick dairy around 1970 when they  concentrated more on milk production than cream and needed to expand their milking capacity. He experimented on the farm with non-dairy produce, potatoes, corn and other crops, which brought extra challenges of growing, picking, packing and off-to-marketing to the milking routine, making the family life on the dairy farm even more exacting. He and Margaret were awarded a Certificate of Recognition for their work in Herd Insemination.

Like his father Herbert, Allan took quite an interest in horse-racing and tried his luck with the horses as an owner, racing his horses in Bunbury and Pinjarra with Reg Tucker as the trainer, celebrating a good win here and there.

Allan Doyle had been elected to serve as a member of the Capel Shire Council for the South Ward from 1980.  In the May before his death Allan Doyle had been elected Deputy President of the Shire of Capel. The Shire President, Bill Scott, paid tribute to Allan as a person who had always considered other people before himself and was involved in a number of clubs and service organisations in the district. He was the chairman of the Capel Sports Council, on the Pulp Mill Investigative Committee as well as, a little poignantly, a member of the Capel Hall and Cemetery Committee. He had been sent to Macedon in Victoria for special training so he could provide expertise as  the council’s delegate on the Fire Advisory Committee. As in so many aspects of life, Margaret stepped up to carry on his work, selected to finish Allan’s council term, then elected and serving the next term as well representing the South Ward.

Allan was also active in organisations a little further afield, including the Knights of the Southern Cross and Rotary in Busselton.  A concelebrated Funeral Mass was held in St. Patrick’s Cathedral Bunbury to mark Allan’s passing  before his burial in Capel Cemetery.


From Allan Herbert Doyle’s story it is easy to agree with Margaret when she summarises that the three things most important to Allan were Family, Church and Farming.

Allan lives on in his family, and they affirm his epitaph, “Forever in Our Hearts.”


Allan’s Story by Judy Hearne (CDCP member) based on conversations with Margaret Doyle, Allan’s widow and her documents and photos

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Allan Doyle
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