Joseph Wells

Joseph Wells

Name: WELLS Joseph

Date of Birth: 16 May 1912

Birth Location: Tin-Pot Cottage, Steyning, Sussex, England

Also Known As: Joe

Age at Burial: 70 years

Date of Death: 16 December 1982

Death Location: Donnybrook Hospital, Donnybrook, Western Australia

Date of Burial: 17 December 1982

Denomination: Seventh Day Adventist

 Row/Grave: Row 3 / Grave 26

Grave Transcription: Unmarked

CDCP Grave Marker: Grave Marker with Plaque, placed by CDCP volunteers,  24 May 2023 (image below).

Father: Harry Wells born: 30 September 1885 Shipley, Sussex, England. Died: 6 February 1954 Busselton.

Married: 30 March 1907 England.

Mother: Mary Ann Temperance Allen born: 2 May 1882 Steyning, Sussex, England. Died: 23 September 1935 Buried Busselton Cemetery.

Grandfather (Father): Frederick Wells born: 6 September 1850 Shipley, Sussex, England. Died: 6 October 1917 England.

Married: 24 December 1870 Sussex, England

Grandmother (Father): Harriet (Henrietta) Balchin Adams born: 6 September 1853 Sussex, England. Died: 17 March 1916 Coombes, Sussex, England.

Grandfather (Mother): Alonzo Walter Allen born: c.1857 Sussex, England. Died: 16 December 1950 Sussex, England.

Married: 4 February 1877 Sussex, England

Grandmother (Mother): Jane Sayers born: 7 November 1858 Sussex, England. Died: 1897 England.


Kitty Lillian Wells born: 10 July 1907 Sussex, England. Died: 15 September 1995 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married: 28 February 1933 Herbert Karl Vollrath.

Harry Wells born: 16 October 1908 Sussex, England. Died: 9 April 1979 Buried Margaret River. Married: 24 April 1931 Busselton Mary Greenlees Lamont.

Frederick Wells born: 23 May 1910 Sussex, England. Died: 11 June 1973 Buried Karrakatta Cemetery. Married: 19 November 1938 Balingup Antonia Eileen Cluning.

Ivy Mary Wells born: 3 November 1914,  Dorrington Cottages, Dorrington, Worthing, Sussex, England. Died: 3 February 2016 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married: Charles Lawrence Reynolds.

Dorothy Wells born: 23 May 1923 Sussex, England. Died: 8 December 2017 Busselton. Married: 24 December 1942 John Roy Simpson.

Spouse: Beatrice Edith Ryder (nee Moore)

Married: 31 December 1947 Melbourne, Victoria.

Children: Nil

Occupation: Labourer, Mine Worker

Military Service:

Their Story

The Wells family arrived in Fremantle on April 4, 1924, on board the ship “Largs Bay”. The passenger list records, Harry 34, Farmer, Mary 38, Kitty 16, Harry 14, Frederick 13, Joseph 11, Ivy 8, and Dorothy 1. They were part of the Group Settlement Scheme and came to Group 49, Lilyvale, (later Ambergate) near Busselton. In 1927 they moved to Group 53, Lennox (later Jindong).


Trove Article – Death of Mother


After a brief illness Mrs. Mary Wells of Group 53, Jindong, passed away in the Busselton Hospital on Monday last. Deceased, who was fifty-three years of age, was born in Shoreham, Sussex, England, and came to Western Australia with her husband and children about twelve years ago. During her residence in this district, the late Mrs Wells gained the affection of a wide circle of friends, and her untiring spirit and courage in the face of hardships won her the admiration of all who knew her. Deep sympathy is extended to her husband, three sons, Harry, Frederick and Joseph, and three daughters, Kitty, Ivy and Dorothy, who are left to mourn their loss. A large gathering of friends were present when the funeral took place in the Anglican portion of the Busselton cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. The service was conducted by the Rev. R. E. Davies, and Messrs. M. Kinsella. A. Armstrong. D. Adams. G. Evans. T. Mazure and F. Mazure bore the coffin to its resting place.

Among the many beautiful wreaths laid upon the grave were those from the following:—

Her Loving Family: Dorothy: Mr. and Mrs. Walters; Jack and Dimple; Mr. and Mrs. Mazure and family: Mr. and Mrs. Charles and family: Mr. and Mrs. Bywaters and family: Mr. and Mrs. Mason and family: Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and family: Mr. and Mrs. W. Higgins and family: Mr. and Mrs. R. Heneraman and family: Gwyn and Harold Hansen: Mr. and Mrs. Charles, sen.: Dick. Corrie and Gloria Tompsett: F. and R. House and Connie: Jim and Paddy: Mr. and Mrs. Dalrymple and family: Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Roberts and children: Mrs Fraser and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. Reynolds and family: Mr. and Mrs. Chilvers; Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Vines and family: Kitty, Herbert. Jimmy and Robin: Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Bentley: Angie: Mr. and Mrs. W. Johnson and family; Maisie: Mr. and Mrs. Rutland. Maisie and family: Peggy Dalrymple; Ivy (Mrs. Letch): Margaret and Joe: Mr. and Mrs. Steve Williams: Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Smith: Mr. and Mrs. Mclvor: Mrs. Williams and family and Jean.


 Trove Article – Good Deed


Following a decision by the Sussex Road Board at its last meeting to rigidly enforce the Traffic Act with respect to owners of private motor vehicles carrying passengers whilst not in possession of requisite passenger licences, two such cases were heard in the Busselton Police Court on Tuesday last. The Bench was occupied by Mr. J. F. McMillan, Acting Warden, and the prosecutions were made by the Road Board’s Traffic Inspector (Mr. A. Alsford. In the first case, Joseph Wells, of Jindong, was charged with having, on October 27, on Caves Road (conveyed passengers in a motor truck, whilst without a passenger licence. Mr. E. H. Neville represented the Traffic Inspector, whilst Mr. J. W. Holmes appeared for Wells, who pleaded not guilty. In evidence the Inspector said he had occasion to stop defendant on Caves Road on October 27. Eight persons were in the vehicle which defendant was driving. “Witness said “You are carrying passengers again.” to which defendant replied. “But I am not charging them anything now.” Witness had previously warned Wells of practice and informed him that proceedings would be taken. Some of the passengers were sitting on boxes and some on cream cans, whilst others were in the front seat of the vehicle.

No licence had been taken out by Wells for carrying passengers in the vehicle, which defendant informed witness belonged to his father. In defence, Wells admitted bringing a number of people to town in his truck on the day mentioned, but explained that as he was a cream carrier it was necessary for him at times to convey some of his clients to town in order to retain their custom. On such occasions he did not receive any money from them, but charged them for carting any goods to their homes. As this was the only means many of his clients had of reaching the town, he did not think there was anything wrong in the practice. On the day when he was apprehended by the inspector one of the people on the truck was going to the hospital, whilst another was to visit a doctor.

To the Bench. Mr. Neville said that he had been given to understand that, in accordance with a hint from the Government auditor, the Board had been obliged to alter its policy regarding the carrying of passengers by motor vehicles. For the last two years, the Board had been lenient in the matter, but in future the Act and Regulations would have to be enforced.

The Acting Warden found the charge proved and cautioned defendant ordering him to pay 13/6 costs


Trove Article – Death of Father


The body of Harry Wells (66) married, was found in his caravan at Vasse about midnight last Saturday, there being a wound in his head and a .22 rifle was lying nearby. When Mr. and Mrs. C. A. W. Thompson returned from Busselton on Saturday night, they noticed a light in Wells’ caravan, and when an investigation was made to see if it was occupied, the tragedy was discovered.

The police were notified and had the body removed to the morgue at Busselton, there being no suspicious circumstances in connection with the tragedy. The deceased was formally a group settler at Jindong.


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Joseph Wells - Plaque
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