Name: VOLLRATH Ashley

Date of Birth: 12 April 1966

Birth Location: Stirling Hospital, Bunbury

Age at Burial: Stillborn

Date of Death: 12 April 1966

Death Location: Stirling Hospital, Bunbury

Date of Burial: 14 April 1966

Denomination: Seventh Day Adventist

Row/Grave: Row 1 / Grave 3

Grave Transcription: Unmarked

CDCP Grave Marker: Grave Marker with Plaque, placed by CDCP volunteers,  24 May 2023 (image below).

Father: Lindsay John Vollrath

Married: 1965 Perth.

Mother: Elizabeth May Doubikin

Grandfather (Father): Herbert Karl Vollrath born: 25 February 1909 Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Died: 8 February 1983 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Married: 28 February 1933 Capel.

Grandmother (Father): Kitty Lillian Wells born: 10 July 1907 Sussex, England. Died: 15 September 1995 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Grandfather (Mother): William Bradbury Doubikin born: 28 October 1913 Katanning. Died: 24 November 2002 South Australia.

Married: 20 December 1941 West Perth.

Grandmother (Mother): Olive Irene Butterfield born: 31 October 1920 Birmingham, England. Died: 14 July 1975 Buried Capel Cemetery.



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Ashley Vollrath - Plaque
Ashley Vollrath - marker