Cecil Mervyn Scott

Cecil Mervyn SCOTT


Date of Birth: 3 March 1884

Birth Location: ‘Toledo’, North Boyanup, Western Australia

Also Known As: Sandy

Age at Burial: 81 years

Date of Death: 12 April 1965

Death Location: Bunbury, Western Australia

Date of Burial: 15 April 1965

Denomination: Anglican B

Row/Grave:  Row 1 Grave #9

Grave Transcription:

In loving memory of Cecil Mervyn Scott

Loving father of Cliff and Cecilie

Died 12-4-65 (81 years)

Peacefully sleeping

Father: David Daniel Montague Scott

Mother: Annie Eliza Higgins

Grandparents (father):

Robert Scott

Jane Roberts

Grandparents (mother):

Henry William Higgins

Lavinia Gardiner


David Eustace Scott born 6 September 1886 Capel Western Australia. Died 23 July 1958 Wellington District

Lilly Lucille Scott born 12 March 1888 Minninup Western Australia. Died 31 December 1981 Boyanup

Clarice Irene Preston Scott born 12 July 1889 Capel Western Australia. Died 17 November 1935 Sussex District

Leah Gem Scott born 1 October 1891 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 26 May 1971 Wellington District

Stanley Bunbury Scott born 4 September 1893 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 5 October 1985 Boyanup

Elvine Ernstine Scott born 2 August 1895 Preston Western Australia. Died 13 August 1976 Wellington District

Gerald Foster Scott 1897 born Preston Western Australia. Died 1898 Preston

Christina Grace Higgins Scott born 26 December 1899 Bunbury Western Australia. Died 31 March 1982

Annie Houptoun Scott born 1900 Wellington Disrict Western Australia. Died 27 November 1985 Narrogin

Jessie Evelyn Scott born 14 September 1904 Boyanup Western Australia. Died 10 January 1974 Wellington District

Spouse: Coral Clifton Rose


Clifton Montague Scott

Cecilie Rose Scott

Occupation: Farmer

Their Story

Cecil Mervyn Scott was born at ‘Toledo’ North Boyanup situated at the intersection of North Boyanup Road and Dardanup West Road. He was the eldest of 11 children and rode horseback across country to the Stratham School to attend school.

Cecil married Coral Clifton Rose, a school friend at St John’s Anglican Church Capel on 9 December 1908. They had two children Clifton Montague and Cecilie Rose.

Both Cecil and Coral were born to pioneering farming families from the Capel district. Cecil took up land at Elgin that he named “Quambi’ and cleared the land to dairy farm on this 600 acres. Although in those early years Cecil was not particularly interested in dairying and it was Coral that made the milking cows a success in the early days. This was helped along by Coral and Cecil being given 10 good milking cows and 50 acres of land by Coral’s grandmother Alice Rose, as a wedding present.

However dairying was soon to become a big part of Cecil’s life. He was considered the first in the district to milk a herd of 100 cows and for several years was the largest supplier of butter fat to local factories. His son Cliff worked ‘Quambi’ with Cecil when he wasn’t working off farm. Then Cliff’s son William Clifton (Bill) Scott took over the farm and continued to run a very successful dairying operation.

Cecil was committed to the community as his wife Coral was and became a foundation committee member of the Elgin Hall from 1933 to 1949. It was his task to be at functions at the hall early to light the lamps.

Cecil and Coral owned a Studebaker car although Coral was the driver and this suited Cecil well, as he was not fond of the car. The number plate CP72 remains in the family to this day.

After the death of his beloved wife Coral in 1950, ‘Quambi’ was split into two farms, with the back half of the farm, 250 acres going to Cecilie to farm with her husband Hurtle Hubert Merritt and the front half of 350 acres was retained by Cliff.

When Hurtle Merritt died in 1955, Cecil remained on the farm and lived with Cecilie and her two sons Lloyd and Colin. Childhood memories of Far were of him riding a horse named Ratty and he would ride him to get the cows up for the afternoon milking. Ratty was a wonderful companion to him and he outlived this wonderful old horse by only a couple of years.

Cecil also known as Sandy, was called Far in the family and was a kind and gentle man who missed his wife Coral terribly after her death. He died in April 1965 after a long illness and his funeral service was held at All Souls Anglican Church Stratham and attended by many from the Elgin district.


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Wesgarth Jilley Jnr. Compiler Our Elgin Hall 1933 – 1999.

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Maurice Cullity. A history of Dairying in Western Australia

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