Unnamed Female JAMES

Name: JAMES Unnamed Female

Date of Birth: 16 January 1969

Birth Location: SJOG Hospital, Bunbury

Age at Burial: Stillborn

Date of Death: 16 January 1969

Death Location: SJOG Hospital, Bunbury

Date of Burial: 17 January 1969

Denomination: Anglican A

Row/Grave: Row 5 / Grave 43

Grave Transcription: Unmarked – Glass Dome

CDCP Grave Marker: Grave marker with plaque placed by CDCP volunteers,  5 April 2023 (image below)

Father: Kevan James Died: 16 June 2016 Cremated Bunbury.

Mother: Judith Ann Moon

Grandfather (Father): Thomas “Ted” Edward James born: 1912 Mornington Mills. Died: 5 November 1992 Cremated Bunbury.

Married: 25 March 1933 Harvey Methodist Church.

Grandmother (Father): Emily “Em” Jane Waddingham Died: 3 July 1992 Cremated Bunbury.

Grandfather (Mother): James “Jim” Moon born: 7 November 1907 Died: 2 November 1975 Buried Bunbury Cemetery.

Married: 1932 Blackwood District

Grandmother (Mother): Winifred Doris Mills born: 14 May 1915 Died: 14 January 2003 Buried Bunbury Cemetery.


Michael James

Mary James – born/died: 21 December 1967 Buried Capel Cemetery.

Terri-Ann James

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Unnamed Female James - Plaque
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