Andrew Higgins

Name: HIGGINS Andrew

Date of Birth: 29 April 1875 (Twin)

Birth Location: Maldon Farm, Capel

Baptised: 4 April 1877 at Capel

Also Known As:

Age at Burial: 40 years

Date of Death: 19 June 1915

Death Location: Maldon Farm, Capel

Date of Burial: 20 June 1915

Denomination: Anglican

Row/Grave: Unknown Grave Location

Grave Transcription: Nil

Father: Charles Higgins born: 25 June 1835 Swan River Colony. Died: 18 December 1868 Maldon Farm, Capel. Buried Bunbury.

Married: 22 December 1863 Bunbury

Mother: Mary Matilda Gardiner born: 8 August 1845 Bunbury. Died: 18 March 1884 Maldon Farm, Capel. Burial Location Unknown.

Grandfather (Father): William Higgins born: 15 April 1800 Somerset, England. Died: 10 November 1844 Buried St. Marks Cemetery, Picton.

Married: 19 April 1823 Somerset, England.

Grandmother (Father): Sarah Dredge born: 5 October 1799 England. Died: 31 December 1867 Buried St. Marks Cemetery, Picton.

Grandfather (Mother): Reuben Gardiner born: 18 November 1804 Bisley, Gloucestershire, England. Died: 21 January 1876 Roelands, Western Australia. Buried Bunbury.

Married: 30 May 1826 Bisley, Gloucestershire, England.

Grandmother (Mother): Ann Onslow Brown born: 14 October 1810 Bisley, Gloucestershire, England. Died: 1879 Roelands, Western Australia. Burial Location Unknown.


Clemina Higgins born: 1865 Maldon Farm, Capel. (Baptised 20.09.1865) Died: 18 October 1953 Buried Bunbury Cemetery. Married 1899 John Tyson Simpson.

James Edward Higgins born: 20 April 1867 Maldon Farm, Capel. (Baptised 11.09.1867) Died: 23 December 1939 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married: June 1, 1904, Margaret Masson.

Sarah Ann Higgins born: 1869 Maldon Farm, Capel. (Baptised 06.10.1869) Died: 1906 Perth.

Walter Higgins (Twin) born: 29 April 1875 Maldon Farm, Capel. (Baptised 04.04.1877) Died: 24 October 1949 Buried Capel Cemetery. Married 1923 Elsye May House.

Spouse: Unmarried

Children: Nil

Occupation: Farmer, Labourer

Their Story

Trove Article – Report of Accident

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