Dean Andrew Craig

Dean Andrew CRAIG 

Name: Dean Andrew CRAIG

Date of Birth: 22/7/1960

Birth Location: Manly New South Wales

Age at Burial: 49

Date of Death: 21/09/2009

Death Location:

Date of Burial: 29/9/2009

Denomination: Congregational /Presbyterian Section

Row/Grave: 6/56

Grave Transcription: Your heart has brought great joy to many.

Those hearts will never forget you.

Dean Andrew Craig

22-7-60 -21-9-2009

Adored husband of Shelley

Devoted to Arron, Nathan & Jaeden

Gone from the world but alive in our hearts for as long as we live.

We still hear your laughter and still feel your love

Father: Robert Craig

Mother: Brenda Helmers

Grandparents (father):

Grandparents (mother):


Spouse: Shelley Lynne Knight

Children: Arron, 1990: Nathan, 1992; Jaeden ,1994.

Occupation: Roof Tiler

Their Story

Born in Manly, NSW, to Robert CRAIG and Brenda HELMER, Dean Andrew was an avid surfer and staunch Manly Sea Eagles fan. At 19 years of age he left Sydney to chase the surf and find adventure at Smith’s Beach.  Here he managed the Smith’s Beach Caravan Park and met his “soul mate” Shelley KNIGHT. Though returning to NSW for Dean to secure an apprenticeship as a roof tiler, Dean and Shelley flew back to Western Australia to get married in Dunsborough in1987.  As Shelley was a self confessed “wild-child,” Shelley’s Mum warned Dean “She’s your problem now.”  Dean took on his role as husband and father to three boys with spirit, loads of love and lots of laughs.  The Craig family eventually settled in Capel, first living in a caravan to in order to save to buy and build their bush block home.

A hard worker, Dean would work seven days a week.  He would do anything for his family. He tried his hand at fixing all manner of things and often consoled Shelley “But I’m not finished yet” when a project sat without attention for a period of time.

His shed proudly housed practically four of every tool and machine known to the handyman and he was always quick to volunteer, “I’ve got the part for that!” when a gadget of any kind was needed.

Dean and Shelley enjoyed the idyllic family life and their boys enjoyed the support and companionship of their Dad, who taught them to surf, ride motorbikes and to look at the brighter side when things were rough.

A “jokester”, Dean kept life interesting for everyone, approaching strangers and starting up conversations or rearranging items in his brother-in-law’s very orderly car, just because he could. Dean is remembered by family and friends alike as “not possessing a nasty bone in his body,” a “really, really, really valued friend,” with” the kindest heart.”


Information compiled by Judy Hearne (member of the CDCP team) based on the story and research provided by Jacqui Graham from interviews with Shelley Craig.

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