Jemina Bryden



Date of Birth: 21 September 1879

Maiden Name: RAE

Also Known As: Mima

Birth Location: Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

Age at Burial: 79 years

Date of Death: 29 December 1958

Death Location: SJOG Hospital, Bunbury.

Date of Burial: 30 December 1958

Denomination: Presbyterian

Row/Grave: Row 1 Grave 8

Grave Transcription:


Loving Memory











29 TH DEC. 1958


Father: Robert Rae born: 1841 Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Died: 28 November 1896 Sownhead, Lockerbie, Dumfries, Scotland.

Mother: Jemima Cameron born: 1842 Kirkcudbright, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Died: 26 March 1897 Sownhead, Lockerbie, Dumfries, Scotland.

Grandfather (Father): John Rae born: 1808. Died: 1880 Scotland.

Grandmother (Father): Margaret Byers born: 1818. Died: Unknown.

Grandfather (Mother): Daniel Cameron born/died: Unknown.

Grandmother (Mother): Mary born/died: Unknown.


Robert Rae born: 1860 Dumfries, Scotland. Died: December 1900 Tarbrax, Scotland.

Sarah Rae born: 20 December 1862 Dumfries, Scotland. Died: 13 March 1919 Annandale Village, Johnstone, Dumfries, Scotland.

John Rae born: 4 October 1865 Died: 5 July 1869. Scotland.

Thomas Rogerson Rae born: 23 April 1867 Lochmaben, Scotland. Died: Unknown. Scotland.

Mary Rae born: 13 April 1869 Lochmaben, Scotland. Died: Unknown. Scotland.

Janet Rae born: 14 December 1870 Lochmaben, Scotland. Died: 18 November 1938 Union Villas, Annan Road, Dumfries, Scotland.

John Rae born: 3 October 1872 Lochmaben, Scotland. Died: 29 September 1919 Addiewell, Scotland.

William Rae born: 6 August 1874 Lochmaben, Scotland. Died: 17 August 1918 Lockerbie, Scotland.

Spouse: James Currie Bryden born: 1883 Dalton, Scotland. Died: 23 April 1951 Buried Geraldton, Western Australia.

Children: John George “Jack” Bryden born: 4 March 1906 Scotland. Died: 15 April 1964 Buried Kalgoorlie.

James Currie “Jim” Bryden born: 13 June 1908 Scotland. Died: 5 March 1944 Buried Geraldton.

Eleanor “Ella” Bryden born: 22 July 1913 East Perth. Died: 4 July 1982 Perth. Cremated Bunbury.

Baby Girl Bryden born: 22 July 1913 East Perth. Died: 22 July 1913 Buried Karrakatta Cemetery.

Robert “Bobbie” Bryden born: 25 May 1919 Geraldton. Died: 12 August 1923 Buried Geraldton.

Occupation: Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Home Duties.

Their Story

Robert Rae and Jemima Cameron married on the 12 September 1862. Robert was a blacksmith in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. In 1871 the Scottish Census shows Robert and Jemima living in Templand Village, Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire. They had 4 living children, Robert,12, Sarah,8, Mary,1 and Janet, 3 months. Thomas and John(1) had died.

By 1881 the family had moved to East Street, Lochmaben. Robert was still Blacksmithing and had employed an Apprentice, 18year old, Alexander Hume. Son, Robert was also a Blacksmith.  Three more children had been born, John(2)8yrs, William,6 and Jemima,2. They now had 7 living children, all at home.

1891, the family were now living at 1 Town Head, Lochmaben. Robert and Jemima only had the two youngest children living at home, William,16, who was now apprentice Blacksmith to his father and Jemima,12, still at school. Also boarding with the family was 20year old Duncan Wright, who was a Journeyman Blacksmith. Eldest son Robert married Mary and at that time had 2 daughters, Jemima and Lizzie. He is a Blacksmith in Lochmaben. Sarah had married William Deacon, a ploughman and had 3 children. Mary was working as a Dairymaid for Maxwell and Annie Muirhead at Hallcroft Farm, Kirkcudbrightshire. Janet was also a Dairymaid in Kirkmichael for John and Hellen Bryden and John was a Grocers Assistant for David and Elizabeth Dinwoodie in Lochmaben.

In 1901, both parents had died, Robert in December 1896 and Jemima in March 1897. The family had grown up and made lives of their own. William had now married Margaret and had 3 children and daughter Jemima had been employed as a Dairymaid at Castlehill, Lochmaben, by James and Annie Grierson.

Young Jemima Rae, a domestic servant met and married Ploughman, James Currie Bryden at Brae, Parish of Johnstone, County of Dumfries on the 30 May 1905. Their witnesses were John Laidlaw McRobert and Elizabeth Dinwoodie. Their first child, John George “Jack” Bryden was born the following year, 4 March 1906. In 1908, on June 13, James and Jemima welcomed another son, James Currie “Jim” Bryden.

Jemima and James were obviously looking for more opportunities and a better life for their young family and decided to migrate to Western Australia.

On 30 November 1910 Jemima,31, James (Snr),27, John,4 and James (Jnr),2, boarded the Rimutaka, belonging to the New Zealand Shipping Company and departed London for Albany, Western Australia. The Rimutaka arrived in Albany on 8 January 1911. It was at this time that we think Jemima and her family lived in a tent, probably as part of a quarantine facility at Albany. Whilst living in the camp Jemima adopted a stray cat which she named “Ookey”. One day Jemima was outside calling the cat when another lady living in the camp confronted her and asked why she was calling her husband who they also apparently called “Ookey”!

On the Western Australian Electoral Roll 1913, Jemima, James and their 2 boys are living at Gibbs Lane, off 138 Summers Street, East Perth. This residence was often used by people, as temporary housing whilst they were looking for permanent work. James’s occupation is listed as a driver. On July 22 that year, Jemima gave birth to twin girls. One of the girls was stillborn and buried at Karrakatta Cemetery. The other they named Eleanor, “Ella”, after James’s half sister Eleanor Lockerby. Jemima and family remained in the East Perth residence for at least 2 more years. In 1916 the electoral roll shows James as Farm Manager and the family living at Eden Park, Kelmscott, for the next 2 years.

1918 through to 1923 the electoral rolls list Jemima, James and family living at Yuna. James is a farm hand. When Jemima came across a racehorse goanna for the first time, she was absolutely terrified thinking that these prehistoric creatures were dragons!  On May 25, 1919, the final addition to the family was born, a son, Robert “Bobbie” Bryden. When Bobbie was just over 4years old he ate some berries that he found growing on a vacant block. He soon became ill and was taken to the Geraldton hospital, but sadly he died, 4 days later, on the 12 August 1923. The family were now living in Fitzgerald Street Geraldton.

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Jemima’s husband James was working as a labourer in 1925. Jack,19, Jim,17 and Ella,12, were still living at home, in Fitzgerald Street, Geraldton. James (Snr) worked at the White Peaks Quarry, but it is unclear when this was. The boys would have been finding what work they could. Jim is listed at various times on the WAGR (Railways) Register of Casual Workers and Jack was doing a labouring job.  Young Ella worked in a bakery in Geraldton during the depression and remembered the people queuing at the end of the day for any left over bread that might be given away.

In early 1930 Jim married Edith Anne Perham in Geraldton. This would have been an exciting event for the family. Later that year Jemima became a Grandmother, with the birth of Margaret Joan Bryden on the 26 October 1930. Jim and Edie were living in Urch Street, Geraldton. John was doing a labouring job and still living with his parents and sister Ella. Both Jim and Jack played football for Railways in Geraldton.

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Life continued on. The family moved to 230 Lester Avenue, Geraldton. Ella got a job as a domestic at the hotel which was just behind where they now lived. Apparently rats were a problem in the town of Geraldton in 1935, as James(Snr) wrote to the Geraldton Council complaining about them. In the 1936 Electoral Roll Jemima and James only had Ella still living at home. Jim and Edie now lived at Wicherina and Jack was living at Mount Margaret and working at the Beria mine. On October 10, 1936, Ella,23, married Ernest William Harry Huxtable,41, at the Presbyterian Church Geraldton. Ernest was a relieving Postmaster. Shortly after the marriage Ernest was transferred to Fimiston Post Office near Kalgoorlie and this is where they welcomed their first child, Eleanor Bryden Huxtable, in May 1937. Not long after this Ernest was transferred to Fitzroy Crossing. Also, in 1937 John George Bryden married Doris Isabel Amelia “Dot” Ross. They continued living at Mount Margaret. Jack passed his exams qualifying him to work underground.

Jemima was a quiet person and not outgoing. Even though she was a very committed Presbyterian and the church was just across the street from their home she did not attend. Husband James did the shopping and any other things that needed doing in town. Jemima cooked and loved her garden in which she grew beautiful dahlias in the gardens at the front of the house. Her children and grandchildren came and stayed. Husband James was injured at work and was no longer able to do the physical work he had been doing. He then worked in an antiques store in Geraldton and walked there and back each day. They never owned a car. In 1941, Ella, Ernest and Eleanor had been transferred south again and were to take up residence in Tambellup. They came from Derby to Geraldton on a State Ship and stayed with Jemima for a time.

Jack enlisted in the Airforce on 29 January 1942. He was training as an Aircraft Hand at Pearce Airforce Base in February that year and then by May he was training at Geraldton. In 1943 he was declared medically unfit because his flat feet were causing him problems. Dot and children, John,5, and Hellen,2, came to stay with Jemima during this time. Jack, Dot and children had been living at Fimiston where he worked at the Great Boulder Mine. Once discharged from the Airforce he went back to working in the mines. Ella and Ernest had a baby boy, Brian Bryden Huxtable, at Katanning Hospital just before Christmas 1942, sadly he died, as the result of an accident at the hospital on December 26. Each of Ella and Ernest’s four children, Eleanor, Brian, Ernest and Judith was given Bryden as their middle name.

In 1943 Jim and Edie still lived in Wicherina, which is situated between Geraldton and Mount Magnet. Late in 1943 Jim became unwell. He was never a big man but had become very thin. Edie on the other hand was a solid lady. Jemima was quite sure the cause of Jim’s illness was that he wasn’t getting his fair share of the food! Sadly, it was found that Jim had leukaemia and he died 3 months later. He was then the father of 7 children.

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By 1949, James had retired. Jemima continued to stay at home and James continued to do the shopping for her. Ella and the children, Eleanor, Ernest and Judith came and stayed for holidays, they were now living at Capel.

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After a short illness, James Currie Bryden, died in the Geraldton Hospital on April 23, 1951. He was buried in the Presbyterian Section D, Compartment 7, Lot 10 of the Geraldton Cemetery. He was 68 years old.

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Jemima continued living at her home at Lester Avenue, Geraldton. She took in a Boarder, Mrs Ransome, to keep her company and give her a small income. Mrs Gibbs lived directly across the street from Jemima, they had become good friends. Every morning Jemima made scones and Mrs Gibbs walked across the road for morning tea. Granddaughter, Eleanor enjoyed holidays in Geraldton with Jemima.

In 1955 Jemima made the decision to move to Capel and live with Ella, Ernest and family. Jack, Dot and family were still living in Kalgoorlie. Jack was now Underground Foreman. Ella and Jack came to Geraldton to help their mother, Jemima pack the few belongings that she was taking with her and to sell the house. Jack had bought this house some time ago so his parents would always have a home. Jemima, accompanied by Ella, travelled to Capel by rail and bus to live at the Old Capel Post Office with the Huxtables.

Son-in law Ernest had received a War Service Loan to build a new house in Capel, as this was where he had decided to retire. Ella helped in the Post Office. In 1957, Judith was 10, Ernest,13 and Eleanor,20 and engaged to local farmer Geoff Roberts. Eleanor had been working since 1951 at the Capel Roads Board Office. The Old Post Office house was very small but somehow, they all fitted. Jemima took care of the chickens. The new house was finally finished during 1957. Ernest had decided not to retire until 1960, when he would be 65, so needed to live at the Post Office until then. Jemima and Eleanor went to live in the new house, with the luxury of having a bedroom each and a new bathroom. The bathroom at the Post Office House, had a water heater at the end of the bath. Jemima was terrified that it would explode as it gurgled and groaned as the water heated up. She was never very long in the bath!

Eleanor married in Capel in April 1958. The family were very excited, and the occasion was reported in the local newspaper. Jemima continued living at the new house and for about a month after they were married Eleanor and new husband Geoff also lived there until their house on the farm was finished. Ella then used to stay at night at the new house with her mother and go back to the Post Office in the morning to send Ernest and Judith to school and help sort the mail.

Early on the morning of August 18, 1958, young Ernest came to the new house to get Ella as his father Ernest had a bad turn and needed to go to the doctors in Bunbury. Mr Frank Delaporte owned a car and took Ernest into Bunbury to the doctors. Ernest was then taken to hospital. Ella had sorted the mail and taken care of the things that needed doing at the post office. Eleanor and Geoff had been sent for to take Ella to the hospital. As they were getting some of Ernest’s belongings ready, they received a phone call from the doctor to say Ernest had a massive heart attack and died.

Jemima worried about the family after Ernest’s death. She didn’t know how they were going to manage. Thankfully, they had a home to go to although the loan had to be paid off. Ella gradually began to sort their life out, but Jemima continued to worry. Four months after Ernest died, just after Christmas 1958, Jemima became unwell and went to hospital in Bunbury. Knowing that Ella had no transport, Mr Ernie Summers took Ella to Bunbury to visit her mother, Jemima. Later that evening, December 29, Jemima, 79, passed away. She had a Right of Burial from the Geraldton Cemetery to be buried with her husband James Currie Bryden, but the cost was too much and she was buried near her son-in-law Ernest in the Presbyterian Section of the Capel Cemetery on December 30, 1958.

Compiled by DC (Capel Districts Cemeteries Project Volunteer and Descendant of Jemima Bryden)

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